Come Along….and Unleash your dream….

come with me...to unleash ur dreamss...."





















Beautiful life…and all this while…
I wait for you….like the sun to rise….
moments pass….and so does time…
in my heart…i have made you mine….

I look for you….here & there….
and there i….see you come….
But do you feel the same for me….
with that thought… my heart goes numb….

Come along…with all of me….
if you wish…to redeem your life….
will fly with the wind…and flow with the tide….
& i assure you…an astonishing ride….

There will be lot of laughter….& lot of grin
and also lot of chuckle’s….
i will drive you through…all the madness…

just unlock…all the buckles…
A lot of passion….a lot of fun….
is with what…. i will fill your life….
you will float on joy…slide on beam….
and i will hold your hand…to unleash your dream….


By Madhura


" i like the smell of rain..."






















The rain comes….and so does hope
the springy summer…here it goes
little rain drops tickle and tope
my mind refreshed…so is my soul.

Green grass…. sway back & forth
gloomy trees now revived & whole
the birds whistle.. & sing a song
they welcome the rains…with a delightful tone.

Drizzling drops…sparkle & cold
touch our body… then slip and roll
the monsoon comes…the monsoon goes
with our mind rejoiced…and enchanted soul.

and the rain comes…and the rain goes….

By Madhura

If i could love you……

"I just wish to love you...."

“I just wish to love you….”






















I wish i could love u, the way the Sun loves the Moon
that it died every night to let the moon breathe…..

I wish i could love u.. the way the Sky loves the Land
though they haven’t embraced each other ever, their love is deep & strong…..

I wish i could love u…the way the Sea loves the Waves
how much ever the tide pushes the waves out at the shore, it still comes back into the sea…..

I wish i could love u…the way You keep loving Me more each day
unconditionally & innocently….. with your every breath….

I wish i could…..

By Madhura
13th Dec 2013

” I bet Life will have a crush on YOU….. “

" I bet like me..Life has fallen in love wit U "

” I bet like me..Life has fallen in love with U “













Let’s walk hand in hand
It’s a beautiful you, it’s a beautiful me
Its a beautiful life together
And create moments of U & ME…..

We will put our steps ahead
And hold our hands tight
trust the depth of my emotions
And I will show you the meaning of LIFE…..

Put your fears aside
they will rise & quickly fall
just look into my eyes
And believe the truth in my VOICE…….

Surrender all your worries to me
i will cover them with hope & faith
let the reason for your life renew
And I bet, life will have a crush on YOU…..

By Madhura

” Leap of Faith…..Its Phenomenal “

Life is comparatively more bearable for people with tough DNA. They basically have more firmness & elasticity than the majority of us.
I wonder what keeps them going consistently. Subject matter expertise say its the inheritant traits in such people who possess this essential potency.


"Wat defines us is how well we RISE after FALLING..."

“Wat defines us is how well we RISE after FALLING…”















Hey you there, Get up and walk
please don’t stop after all the try
the time will come & you shall see
the world will shine by your lovely smile.


Hold your tears they are soon to go
drop your fears as possibly low
keep your faith & hopes all tied
only you shall prevail so don’t you cry.


It may seem far but not unseen
carry your strength and also your will
when hope seems far & faith disappears
that’s when you must stand firm & real.


You have crossed the path full of storms
with dreams in your eyes passionately whole
but don’t you quit & give up your goal
because even if there’s fear in your heart
there’s also courage in your soul.


1st Sep  2013

 RULES of love…..That there are NO rules…..!!!!!

Love is a famously fickle creature, but some love stories refuse to die…….  
You can run from it….you can hide from it…you can toss it high…you can roll it low…you can lift it up…you can keep it down but then there is no escape once that feel crawls inside of your heart  !!!!!

” The falling in love…is like flying high….you like the fall and believe you gonna fly…..”

"There are NO rules in LOVE ...& tats the RULE...."

“There are NO rules in LOVE …& tats the RULE….”










I saw him coming closer to me
and my heart started beating faster
my brain felt a knock
and i fell for him there after.

Ohh.. the sleepless nights now
with all his thoughts all over
the conflict between the mind & heart
and ofcourse the heart wins the battle.

I feel him all over
its the perception of my mind
his fingers touch my whole body
i feel the warmness for a while.

No more apprehensions
and no restless thoughts to hold
i just want to brush myself
all through his soul.

My love has no boundaries
but inside of me it lies
I just want to keep falling
because with every fall i rise.

By Madhura
29th July 2013

I love You So Muchhhh…………..

Love brings a lot of  JOY & ZEAL… but..when its more playful..it adds COLOUR & TINCH not only to your life but also to your soul. Each day you look forward to those cheerful moments which gives you a reason to hold on to life.


"I love u so much..         i could Squish you..."

“I love u so much.. i could Squish you…”

I love you so much

I will hold you tight
i’ll play with your hair
will look into your eyes.


Will peck your cheeks
and make it red
will wink at you
and make you smile.


I will tickle your feet
and laugh out loud
will pull your hair gently
to tease & pounce.


I will poke & pinch
your tummy so cute
you will run & chase
then kiss & bite.


I will hold you again
& squish you hard
then you would never want to leave
& would stay ever in my arms….


29th April 2013


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