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Come along……

Hold my hand and hold it tight,
lets visit a place of laughter & light
no worry no stress not even a thought
… come along and enjoy the ride.

Green grass, blue sky,gentle breeze
slide on the rainbow & float on the mist
look around to the birds who wave
come along there’s more of it.

Forget your worries & forget your pain
like snow, they drop and melt
laugh & relish the moments here
come along and enjoy the reign.

Trust me today and trust me ever
i’ll give you faith ,i’ll give you care
here you will find peace & joy
come along i promise you love forever.



Come along… love for ever…..


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Whatever You Think about –  Expands……..

Absolutely nothing to loose by doing a regular thinking activity.And an honourable thinking content will be definitely progressive.
Imperfection is a very common human attribute and it leads us to many mistakes, hurt, unpleasant experiences, down feelings and at times leaves a bland taste to our lives.

Sometimes in thorny situations our brain takes a back seat in thinking, reflecting pondering & rationalising.
So,Think !!!!! Think !!!!! and think !!!!! but think good. Coz a lot of good thinking will let you use you enthusiasm to give yourself a spark to move your life in forward gear.
They say never take a pill for the pain you need to feel. So embrace the pain, endure it and get over it !!!!

Happy state of mind is not a long term ambition and a little thinking to a happy approach changes the whole latitude & longitude of any hard situation.

Thoughts are like liquid when you pour it to outer surface it expands.

So absorb your thoughts spread it into your system and expand your horizon.


Good Think…………
Good Do……………..
Good Achieve………



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Bullying the cat !!!!












Have you ever bullied a cat…?????
Of course !! We all have done it many a times and its sort of fun to do so, its just a very ordinary random act of ours. Little laughter,fun, giggles & the petrified cat runs for its life, we move on, and this incident our brain doesn’t even bother to remember. Its so ver normal for us.
The reason behind is we are not the VICTIMS here but the DOER.

This inhuman act of ours does not affect us because, we dont get affected by it anyways, neither mentally, physically nor psychologically. But just imagine and put yourself in that little kitty’s situation……the feelings are a complete reverse now. You feel scared, unprotected,unsafe, treacherous ,a prey to someone’s prank, shaky and absolutely helpless………
And now ask yourself how do u feel when you feel all the above things. You feel terribly bad, fearful, hurt and insulted.


The message to be conveyed to the readers here is, variably & invariably we do such acts of unsympathetic unkind careless disposition not only to a kitty on a road but also to many a people in our lives whom we encounter daily & who are a victim to our nonsensical harsh sadistic behaviour. The person maybe the road sweeper , the poor garbage boy,who picks up your garbage, a peon or a housekeeping guy in your office to a simple shy colleague or friend of yours or even a beggar who begs in front of you in anticipation of a 1 rupee coin. All these peoples revolting capacity is lesser in front of you and they are vulnerable & susceptible to your dominion nature & position.


Mind it, theses mindless acts are not done by us purposely, but our brain is so fine tuned with such activities that the moment we encounter a weak feeble personality we tend to behave this way. The degree of compassion in us decreases that particular moment and we no longer behave in accordance with human values. But do we ever give a second thought to our unacceptable mean deeds. Everything is hunky dory till it happens to someone else, till then we follow the same pattern of demeaning the weaker species.


“Compassion for anyone is intimately connected with goodness of character and it may be confidently asserted that he who is not generous to fellow beings cannot be a good man.”

So next time you meet a gentle dim, muffled living being,try thinking about this article. And just before you go to bed each night, ask yourself this question ” Did I bully a cat today ”




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Modus Operandi for a great life….


Life is Beautiful….live it…..










I am willing to work for a fairly longer hours every day, yes i am, but only for the bested returns.
I expect an investment return with a little lesser risk compared to the market standard.
I want cent percent love,loyalty, dedication & care from my family friends partner & people in my life.
I wish God to be more generous to me relatively.
I want life to treat me fair.

If this is my inclination towards my return compensation towards anything i do , then trust me i am never going to be successful & content in my life with anything. Forget about being successful, i will not even climb the first footstep towards the terminology called success.
With such attitude my mental outlook is absolutely typically narrow & needs an immediate revision.












To achieve something one definitely has to pay a price but not always expecting the ultimatum only.

Brilliant work, jaw dropping ideas, hard-core efforts & splendid performance, equals to a great fortune & triumph but not necessarily in the first attempt. The attempts may be countless. But how patiently & consistently you walk the route map of success matters, because its complex. There is only one modus operandi for a successful life and that is going from failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm.
“The caliber of a person is not how well he prepares for everything to go right but how he stands up and moves on after everything has gone wrong.”

Universe never gives anything easily to anyone, specially when your desperation for that particular object is profuse. It examines & evaluates your attempts and pushes the probabilities farther more from you. It teases your confidence, plays with your efforts, try to break your plan and then if you pass the test it grants your goal & ambition to you in an arduous way.

The operating system of universe is very simple, it churns an individuals limit to an extent where the best of him is exposed and shines bright.

Few etiquettes for a great life :

# Your faith should be bigger than your fears.
# Don’t complicate things.
# Treat people incredibly well.
# Respond graciously to the inevitable curves in life.
# Innovate the way you run your life.
# Confront your limitations.
# Undying enthusiasm is the DNA for success.
# Life returns what you give it.
# To Forgive is to heal.
# Love unconditionally.
# Stay fit.
# The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.
# Have wisdom, Have ethics.
# Be generous.
# With better awareness you can make better choices.
# Have a ME TIME & a THINK TIME daily.

Well there are endless rules & axioms for a better living and for the good things in life but no one swimmed a river without getting wet. Its necessary for each one of us to experience failure, loss and downfall strongly & bravely.
Life cannot be lived by a set of rules or protocols, it is not a matter of milestones but of moments.



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The Extraordinary ME within all of US..











The theory of life is not only complicated but extremely toilful to gain excellence upon. Day in day out, right from early dawn we intend & plan events just to experience the exact opposite. Our entire planning goes for a toss and all the strategies need a rain check. But still, do we stop ???? No, we take a pause channelise our thoughts & energy, take charge of our tossed plans and move ahead with new zest and zeal and that’s where you me and everyone become extraordinary, ya we sure does.



There is an amazing and bizarre energy within all of us which drives us to do the ultimatum specially in times of crisis and that spontaneity leads us to achieve the seemingly impossible task. But everything has a price as its rightly said “There are no free lunches in this world ” and ” God is not gender biased “, so ultimately the entire responsibility again comes on our only shoulders for anything to be achieved. The point here is paying the price, not in terms of currency,or every human would have bribed his own fate, but in terms of dedication, sacrifice and perseverance.


Keep Going…..


Anything to be achieved whether travelling your favourite destination or buying your dream house, everything depends on how hard we work and how strong our desires are and ultimately how badly we want or need that thing but above all what are we willing to sacrifice.


There is no saying how much miles you will have to run while chasing a dream, and people who achieve success stand out from the crowd and norm just because of their unbeatable spirit and not because they are different but,
He conquers who Endures.


There is an extraordinary fortitude in all of us and we deal through it everyday, in our personal as well as our professional life, that may be dealing with a demanding spouse till the dead line of an important project, we do it everyday, but sometimes we just dont find that courage and nerve to deal with certain issues. And there my folks we just have to hold on to our spirits have faith in the creator ,keep our honour bright and stand up to achieve that spectacular dream because ” Dreams are free so Free your Dreams ‘


So Dont wait for extraordinary opportunities,Weak men wait for opportunities and Great men make them, and as i rightly said there is an ” Extraordinary Me within all of US “.


By Madhura

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