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 The Extraordinary ME within all of US !!!!

I am SPECIAL because i am ME !!

The theory of life is not only complicated but extremely toilful to gain excellence upon. Day in day out, right from early dawn we intend & plan events just to experience the exact opposite. Our entire planning goes for a toss and all the strategies need a rain check. But still, do we stop ????  No, we take a pause channelise our thoughts & energy, take charge of our tossed plans and move ahead with new zest and zeal  and that’s where you me and everyone become extraordinary, ya we sure does.

There is an amazing and bizarre energy within all of us which drives us to do the ultimatum specially in times of crisis and that spontaneity leads us to achieve the seemingly impossible task. But everything has a price as its rightly said “There are no free lunches in this world ” and ” God is not gender biased “, so ultimately the entire responsibility again comes on our only shoulders for anything to be achieved. The point here is paying the price, not in terms of currency,or every human would have bribed his own fate, but in terms of dedication, sacrifice and perseverance.

Anything to be achieved whether travelling your favourite destination or buying your dream house, everything depends on how hard we work and how strong our desires are and ultimately how badly we want or need that thing but above all what are we willing to sacrifice.

keep Going…..

There is no saying how much miles you will have to run while chasing a dream, and people who achieve success stand out from the crowd and norm just because of their unbeatable spirit and not because they are different but,

He conquers who Endures.

There is an extraordinary fortitude in all of us and we deal through it everyday, in our personal as well as our professional life, that may be dealing with a demanding spouse till the dead line of an important project, we do it everyday, but sometimes we just dont find that courage and nerve to deal with certain issues. And there my folks we just have to hold on to our spirits have faith in the creator ,keep our honour bright and stand up to achieve that spectacular dream because ” Dreams are free so Free your Dreams “

So Dont wait for extraordinary opportunities,Weak men wait for opportunities and Great men make them, and as i rightly said there is an  ” Extraordinary Me within all of US “.



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With the 21st century creeping in our lives and demanding more of competition, everyday is like being in a battlefield. The intend is to win this battle and strive for the next one, but till when, no one of us can answer & that’s LIFE is all about today. The rat race starts from waking up on the alarm bell each morning till you hit your bed at night in antagonism with all the humans around for the daily survival, is indeed a heroic deed at the end of the day.

In this diverged search of victory in all aspects, it leaves us empty inside, and somewhere we consistently try to fill up this emptiness by trying to do something dutiful in standards with human morality.


Human Morality, a beautiful term in itself and rather a very highest valued subject to talk on. The invincible efficacy of this theme when applicable to human life turns a Sinner into a Sage. A lot of courage, dedication & perseverance is required to walk in parallel with theses moral ethics.

We always appreciate and consciously respect an individual with high moral values & discipline and relish stories of heroism, great love, dignity, courage of people rising above their permissible adequacy, taking life by the throat and not letting go until they succeed.
In a way, we relate ourselves to such events and people who triumph the incredible human spirits.

Humanity is never so beautiful when we forgive each other and maintain values of justice & compassion. The human race has evolved superiorly from other species because of the simple yet complex development & composition of the homo sapiens brain or rather the thinking ability. But this thinking ability & process has virtuous meaning when it is rationally & wisely thought and acted upon.










To cope up with the infinite challenges in our surroundings & to stick on to these ethos require our complete potential and consistent motivation to attain the moral honour. Like a warrior in the battlefield, to achieve this honour, requires a lot of regular practice, efforts, and this hardship is faced by exercising wisdom and virtues.
The key to the attainment of the standards set by the human race is immensely difficult but once imbibed in the soul takes a person to the highest morality accomplished, thus gaining victory above immorality.

A great applause to mankind for the persistent combat to practice HUMAN MORALITY.


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Mortal sin..















I lay on the floor, thoughts surround me
tears flow down my cheeks
few days left
and then i will perish.

A mistake done in a spur of a moment
now i am all alone and no one with me
mind filled with guilt and shame
but nothing can be done, regret i feel.

No one talks to me
no one comes near
Disgracefully people look
and some with fear.

I remember the night
when i was hanging out with friends
carefree and casual attitude
and fun in the air.

We were discussing women
their body and curves
talking about sex
our passion and lust.

Eroticism filled our mind
with the urge to satisfy
the beast within was awakened
we didnt hold back our emotions
nor we tried.

A little girl on the street, poor and hungry
begging for food approached with hope
our intentions wicked, our mind foul
we shut her mouth as we pulled her close.

She screamt she cried
she struggled for release
we held her tight
as we dragged her and seized.

We tied her mouth,
her hands and legs
helplessly she cried
and mercilessly we raped.

One by one turn by turn
we forced ourselves on her
each one took, his own pleasure
as all of us satisfied our thirst.

This filthy behaviour
this immoral deed
we degraded our soul
our quest sordid.

On the ground she lay
moaning with pain
half conscious and half dead
crying with affliction
then the girl lay dead.

We all were terrified
a chill ran through our spine
we didnt know what to do
an escape we made but nothing turned fine.

Her corpse was discovered
the news spread like wild fire
proof was found enough to prosecute us
behind the bars now we were in tears.

We deserved it and begged for lenity
just as the little girl had pleaded in front of us
no mercy was granted nor we were forgiven
a henious crime committed
the law didnt pity and ordered for our shun.

Now i lay on the floor and wait for my end
the day for me to be hanged until death
my family embarrassed and ashamed of me
i cry for my life and regret for my sin.




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” Dream inside a Dream……

I dream of a dream inside a dream

I walk on the sand,I run with the wind

I feel the wave brush through my soul

the velvety sand beneath, tickle my feet.

The silent moments with the swaying trees

Shimmering sky and the beautiful breeze

The ravishing moon , the blinking stars

all wink & smile as they look at me.

My eyes watch the glorious scene

My heart absorb the beauty of it

My mind blinded by this blissful feel

My eyes open with a divine peace

And I realise, its a dream inside a dream……

Dreams are beautiful….dream it……











By Madhura

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