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 Ignorance is blisss..











I completely agree to this maxim “Ignorance is blisss “ though i managed to believe its positive aspect quiet late in my life.
70% of our worries are due to our acknowledgement to things which are actually not required by us to know. 
Seriously !!!!!!! our inquisitiveness leads to majority of the tensions we suffer.

Like… you are all the time not supposed to know your partners psyche, because if you get to know that his or her priority at that particular moment is not you, then you go into a state of him or her not loving you as per your set of standards. We all have a benchmark set for many a parameters & when expectations go below the specified benchmark we no longer stay in the peachy mood.

Ignorance towards many a factors is good & healthy for you. Even Johnny Depp believes in the same adage.
I try to ignore maximum stuff which i think are unnecessary & unimportant.

There are many profound things crashing on you each day, so pondering over each one of them is like adding miseries to yourself. Prioritize & push the IGNORE button to the juvenile matters.

It keeps you
# light
# merry
# calm
# quiet
# relaxed &
at peace.

I am fascinated by people who are at ease all the time. I mean how do they manage to be so exorbitantly composed.
Interactions with such personalities sort of brings a composure in me as well.
I assume they know exactly on which issues they need to push the ignore button. They simplify their life… as well as make lives of people around them, more bearable by this intrinsic virtue.

Analysis about this specific subject can be discussed candidly or critically but 
Ignorance when applied in life appropriately, IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT.







By Madhura
27th April-2012


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My Thought for the day is “U”……      [dedicated to all the Bloggers….]








This piece of writing is purely inspired by the writings of all the bloggers, whose writings have manifested & contributed so many wonderful thoughts,ideas,view points and basically a larger positive perspective towards life.

                               Different observations, different outlook, different logic’s, different introspections, different hopes…i mean  so many vivid speculations & analysis of so many situations experienced, written and shared with all of us.

Its like a chain reaction & highly addictive. I just keep on coming back to you for more. Everyday I keep on reading so many of your write-ups for more content and value addition to my knowledge & the way i lead my life. It definitely does help me a lot, to keep myself going collectively. The moment i am deviated from my core path, your writings subconsciously aspire me to stick on to my ethos.                      

The creativity inside all of you,adds colour to the lives of so many people.. Your writings just change the whole aspect of a perspective we hold about any specific thing or a person.

There’s a landscape change in the way we rationalise & judge things thereon. But i have acknowledged that personalities like you bring transformations in many a people & in many a things.

For you, your writings may be a source of sharing your thoughts & experiences, but you may not be aware, that by doing so you may have touched someone’s heart, someone’s soul & actually must have made a difference to someone’s life.

            Looking forward to read more of your compositions & thank you all.

Guys you are fantafabulous !!!!!!!!


By Madhura
26th April-2012

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I am a big time DOG LOVER !!!!

PEPSI – my little DOG !!!!!!!












Dog’s make me go weak in my knees. Awwwwww !!!!! they are so very adorable creatures on this planet. I am greatful to God for creating & delivering them on earth to us.

I  never loose out an opportunity anywhere to compliment them, cuddle them & feed them.
 I feel sanctification by doing so.

One of the most loyal & obedient animal in the animal kingdom.
A DOG is the only thing on earth, that will love you more than you love yourself.

Histories are more full of examples of fidelity of DOGS then of MEN. 

” Even if you lock your DOG in a room for 100 hours and later when you open the door , its first reaction would be to jump on you and lick your face”.
They never mind or rather they are always very forgiving & loving. They are like shadows….. will follow you wherever you go.


# DOG’S teach me to love unconditionally. 
# They never expect
# Accept U the way you are
# Always love back
# Non-judgmental
# Utmost Loyal
# Very obedient
# Protective
# Forgiving
# Loving
Actually I am all GAGA over them……….

At the max they want from you is a cuddle or a touch.Thats their ONLY need.

It doesnt matter what possesions you have in life. If You own a DOG you are RICH.

By Madhura

26th April -2012

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I owe this…. to you…..                                                      






You taught me,

love is just not giving but also a sacrifice if needed.


You taught me,

to be patient when things arent going your way when you desperately want them to be.


You taught me,

forgiveness, to forgive when inside of your heart you are badly hurt.


You taught me,

to be independant where you should be with confidence.


You taught me,

to value what you have rather seeking what isnt needed.


You taught me,

acceptance, specially with regards to human nature.

accept people the way they are.


You taught me,

spirit, live life with zest and enthusiasm.

money isnt needed for many a things in life.


You taught me,

relations, maintain them come what may.


You taught me,

discipline, it channelises your thoughts and life in the right way.


You taught me,

to be balanced, not doing and taking things to extremes.


You taught me,

commitment is not always a set of spoken words.


You taught me,

life is beautiful and full of dreams.


I owe this….. to you………..


By  Madhura

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If breaking a heart is so unfair

then why everyday millions of them are broken…

the  affliction caused is unbearable

but still the heart breaking continues for ever…


I see him far away, i know it’s an illusion of my mind

a coldness runs through my whole body

and there is calmness for a while.


Various emotions i start feeling

i stretch my hand for him

only an empty wave my palm holds

and his shadow starts disappearing.


The level of apprehension rises

and an expected uneasiness arrives

the restlessness continues endlessly

in a river of disappointment i dive.


I still stand there with a hope that

my eyes may see him coming

my ears may hear his voice

my body may feel his touch

i realize someone around

its my loneliness that surrounds.


I want to sense his breathe inside me

i want to feel his finger tips all over

i want to perceive that satisfaction

of having him immortally for ever.


My desires remain with me

and my loneliness all along

an emptiness fills the air

and my silence breaks the mourn.



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The Judgement Day !!!!

The Judgement Day !!!!

We all behave our best and put forward our premium etiquettes while behaving with the outside world. While we behave, people gaze our character as character is the aggregate of features & traits that form the individual nature of a person.

More than how you behave, how you make the other person feel is more important. I have incurred quiet a loss in terms of people in my life by my unintentional rudeness and thoughtless behavior, it wasn’t purposely done, but still it happened.

I don’t have a count of how many individuals or souls i must have injured by my inconsiderate or rather unconcerned behavior though unintentionally. Many a times we all are just little egocentric and negligent about people we interact & connect every day leaving someone wounded by our communication. And even though we realise this, we don’t take a serious consistent effort to change this behavior pattern because we are fine tuned with it.

But we frequently forget that all this is going to come back to visit us in some form some day. Its like it gets carry forward first, then it gets multiplied in the universe, then search for the opportunity, and then re-visit us,it may take a shorter route or a longer one, but it surely doesn’t miss us

You and me know and believe ( not applicable to an atheist ) that of all of our thoughts & actions are watched by the almighty and a record is been maintained in his book of accounts. Each entry is made without fail and there is nil chance of forgery and manipulation in it. Our accounts get settled very acutely & rationally when our journey of life comes to an end. God is very excellent and flawless in managing the account books. He himself is the Comptroller Auditor General of his book of records . He ensures that he tallies the balance sheet at the end of our life term and the judgement is given accordingly. No body has an escape from this judgement and there can be no proxy for anyone.

Your character ,thoughts, actions, contribution, generosity, behavior, attitude shape you to be who you are, but beyond all, your every intention behind all the above attributes adds a weightage to your final decree. So lets wait till the last hearing from him and be as good and kind as he intends us to be.


A very beautiful lines i got from a source :


” No Matter How Good Your Intentions Are ?

The WORLD Judges Your Presentation.

No Matter How Good Your Presentation is ?

GOD Judges Your Intentions.


By Madhura

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Digital Love….


Falling IN love is beautiful & Falling OUT of love is awful and that’s an omnipresent fact.

The expedition of love has taken a speed of horsepower in this digital time. Falling in love is a desperate attempt these days. Previously people USED to fall in love but today people WANT to fall in love.

The human need for love is so profuse that it actually puts you in a vicious cycle of relationships & breakups till you find your Mr. Right / Miss Right by your perspective.

Today Love is a very obvious alternative for a stressful, frustrated & busy life or rather a perfect substitute for boredom.Presently to find love is very easy & convenient, supported by easy means, two of them is

# Internet &

# Cell phones, so I term it as Digital Love.

Here, love starts with a ping or a text & ends with a facebook update. I am amazed by technology, but astonished by its convenient use to vent out our feelings. In the digital world, the span of love lasts a few instance and that too virtual because it ends, before the two people actually meet. In this place being in a relation is considered being an interesting attribute in a person and being single is acknowledged as being arid.

The actual meaning of love is lost & toggling from phones to websites & websites to phones where in earlier it used to predominantly reside in our heart.

Love is an emotion of a very strong affection & attachment. Kindness, Compassion, Loyalty, Acceptance, Forgiveness are among the many virtues of love. Love is understood as a part of survival instinct and also lead to enlightenment. “Presently, True love is like ghosts, who everyone talks about and few have seen”.

Digitalism definitely makes our life more convenient but Love makes it more safer.

So even if you fall in love the digital way, nurture it the human way.





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