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Dark Days….

How would you feel if ” you were the reason for someone to cry every night “.

I hurt someone close the other day, yes i did it deliberately. It was my way to vent out my anger caused by that person.  But actually it was just not worth it.  I felt miserable when i went to bed and i could imagine the afflict & the anguish felt by the other person too.

I have also envisaged that how much ever i try to make up for my insensitive act later, it will not suffice, because the injured person does not want to be compensated but rather wants to be healed because he has been hurt.

The worse thing in life would be “you” being the reason for someone’s tears. If you cannot be a reason for someone’s delight at the least don’t be the reason for their grief.

If you wound someone, you not only give them hurt but you also give along some dark days ….like moments of pain & sadness..

People hurt you, they will… sometimes consciously sometimes by little ignorance, but it really does no good to give it back to them in any form. Specially if they are your closed ones then its like uprooting a tree & then trying to plant it up again.

Everyone is fighting their own battle. When you think you are struggling with your bitterness, ego & anger, always know, there are many people in the world who are striving to find little hopes & happiness in small things to maKe their life little more bearable. So let go the petty concerns even if it leads to big disappointments. You loose nothing by doing so.

By getting disappointed you loose nothing but by loosing people you loose everything.

Letting go your ego & anger is far much better than letting go the person. People, relations & love are very precious. If you are incapable of nurturing them you better be prepared to live alone in despair.
Hurt can be suffered alone but you need to SHARE happiness to feel it completely.


No matter how sharp a grievance or how deep YOUR hurt is,

But YOU should NEVER be a reason for someone’s  DARK DAYS….


By Madhura


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