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 Smile !!!! 
Life Requires it ………









The world fathoms about love being the ultimate, purest & safest emotion gifted to mankind and as i started growing, my belief in this adage became more believable.
                          At times the belief in this notion was shaky but eventually it prevailed that Love outsmarts all sorts of enmities, cunningness & malices. Yes it does, & that’s the whole basis of mankind and humanity. Its the only source & hope for our survival.


Everything we do has a self interest, pleasing our heart to keep it happy. And we keep it happy when we have someone to share our happiness with us.
Its about choices in life, good, bad, worse. Life may not be fair with you most of the times but its absolutely worth it to live it to the fullest. Anything new enters our life only when we create space for it.


Polish & concise as ever… our mind craves to be loved, pampered & wanted.
To love someone is beautiful, to be loved back is amazing.


 ” And if you have good people in your life & you take care of them, You will have them forever “


29th June-2012


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I owe this…. to you……...

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I am a big time DOG LOVER !!!!.

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My Thought for the day is “U”…… [dedicated to all the Bloggers….].

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Ignorance is blisss...

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https://dabholkarmadhura.wordpress.com NOMINATED for “One Lovely Blog Award”.

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Your dream has begun……



Dreams are beautiful….so dream it…..











Give me the rains & give me the wind,
give me the glow which the sun shine gives
give me the rhythm of a beautiful song &
give me the blush of the morning dawn.

Will measure the height of a mountain hill,
will weigh the weight of an ecstatic feel
will cross the boundaries of all the legacies
I dream of a world where spirits surge free.

Walk along my path, on the lush full green,
feet on the ground & eyes on the sea
Float on the cloud & flit with the wind
ride this bubble…your dream has begun.



26th June-2012


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