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Before you know, your heart is gone…….


” My heart belongs to you “















You gaze at the sky so dark & hue

time takes a halt & the night so blue

you talk to the moon & whistle at the sky

thinking about her, your yesterday flew.


Impatient you are, your heart pounding fast

with a glimpse of her you wish your day starts

a peep into her eyes & delighted you are

a smile on her lips & that’s what you want.


She tosses her hair & walks with a grace

elegant she is, you wish she was yours

delicately she speaks, her words so sweet

you sink into her world & your worries get cured.


She walks into your dreams & loves you there

all blushed & shy in your arms she belongs

time turns beautiful & nothing seems wrong

And before you know, your heart is gone.




26th August 2012.



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 Blogger Award  =  Appreciation + Inspiration + Blush.













Feels  happy & Pampered when  someone appreciates your efforts by honoring you with a token of appreciation in the form of an award.


Thanks  Amyth  : http://mythbroakia.wordpress.com




18th August 2012



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You may never know the reason why……


“I wish so much that You were MINE….”













There’s something about the way i feel
perhaps you may never get to know
But the heart which beats inside of me i say
Will knock the door of your heart one day.


I want to begin my life being a part of you
and i want that to happen very soon
you may not realize & never know
the love within me, which i never show.


My desire for you keeps growing strong
as time passes by like a breeze
i keep on wishing to the falling star
just fall and grant my wish.


I yearn my love embraces you
like the moon and sun in the sky
i will love you till the end of time
and you may never know the reason why.

16th August 2012


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A lovely composition once again by Shil…..This piece of writing has touched my heart & couraged my soul, and i am sure even you will feel the same..   Thanx Shil for your wonderful warm poetry and  for letting me share it on my blog page.


I want to burn the bridges, I have ever crossed…..


My journey on the bridge…..

















” Desires were indeed dark and deep
Smirked my heart with inherent greed
No said my mind and heart pounded gaily
Soul shirked and feet tramped vilely

Stood again on the bridge I crossed long ago
Crossing again!!!! was my heart’s echo
Fear crossed my mind and heart whined
Past heartbreaks memoirs painfully rhymed

Sweet were they and me glee
Can’t forget their tweeting melee
Met on these bridge’s and lived the life to die for
Sudden depart from them was what I cried for

These bridges bring pain, misery and sorrow engrossed
Therefore, I want to burn the bridges, I have ever crossed.
Went ahead with a burning torch in my shivering hand
To Burn the bridges and let the memoirs get disband

Suddenly the winds blew and torch’s flame shivered
And softly one hope whispered and my heart quivered
Winds said liberate yourself from the bondage of fear
And release yourself from this cage of despair

The bridges you have crossed were of past
Hold my hands to see the pains are lost
Sometime they wander inside and wound your thought
Unleash the aversions and see what I have brought

Walk with me on this bridge you once thought to burn
Walked with shaking feet, raising hopes and desires churn
The journey on the bridge seemed beginning of a morn
Crossed the bridge again, which I wanted to burn “.

By Shil


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