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” Love  is a very pure & a very sensational feeling.

You can fall in love at any age & at any time…whether you want to or not…..

You just fall & get captivated……and then your life changes forever……”


 “I loved you even before i met you……..”
















Long ago, i loved you even before we met,
I see a dream of meeting you
on a lovely beach watching the sun set.


I pray at the wishing well, to quickly grant my wish,
i wait on the sand ,they kiss my feet
& you walk right there, like a beautiful desire unleashed.


You look into my eyes & show me your dreams
your longing your passion, beautiful & gleam
you hold my hand & everything i believe.


The departure the pain all vanish in vain
our desire to meet ,compel our fate
destined to love after the long wait


i knew i loved you even before we met.


By Madhura



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A lovely composition by  SHIL……


My dream..my hopes..my aspirations..My Life..

















Someday, Somewhere, Someplace, Somehow…..


I will sense back my broken dreams,

Who left me mid way un-cherished long ago.

No matter how I find them – ransacked or buried,

This time I will quench my thirst forever

and live it till I fill to brim of my desires.


Someday, Somewhere, Someplace, Somehow…..


I will murmur those long forgotten words

shattered, scrabbled and unuttered yet.

I will put them to rhyme by tying them with my feelings.

Poetry may not you call it

Yet I will bring them few magical sparks.


Someday, Somewhere, Someplace, Somehow…..


I will shiver again for the lost warmth,

of love, life and laughs.

Which long ago I lost mysteriously.

This time I will let my heart to precede my senses

and keep the flames live forever.


Someday, Somewhere, Someplace, Somehow…..


I will cry for those vanished lovely tears

Turbulent, trembling – touch of sovereign

Again I will be drenched in divine

Somewhere in deep, submerged in time; before drying,

My eyes will surely find tiny drops of rains


Someday, Somewhere, Someplace, Somehow…..





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