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“ When wonderful things are happening to you, your instinct is to shout it to the world  !!!! “


I want to fall inside the SKY……….


" Life is Beautiful....Live It  "

” Life is Beautiful….Live It “


















” I want to swim & swirl and feel the wave
i wan to run & fall and feel the sweat
i wan to laugh & roll and enjoy the rain
i want to cry & weep and let go my pain. ”


“ I want to laugh & grin and flash my teeths
i want to wink & blink and feel the tease
i want to sit & stare some lovely eyes
i want to talk & flirt with an elegant grace. “


“ I want to fall in the sky & touch the clouds
i want to sit beside the stars & shine with proud
i want to float in the air & savor my soul
i want to explore my life & cherish it whole. “


12th Dec 2012



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” Alright all will be…. “


“Some weak moments in our life make us more weaker but when we survive such tough times we not only become more strong, we become more human too “

" Tough Time !!!!    This too shall pass......"

” Tough Time !!!!
This too shall pass……


















” I wondered where the path ceased
I was tired of the walk
God kept hinting back at me
said don’t loose the hope & stop.


My eyes searched for a glimpse of light
my faith was shaking though
the lord above was kind enough
& carried me in my times of low.


My belief my faith kept sinking down
my strength was turning weak
& just when i thought was the end
he assured, it was the beginning.


And as tears rolled down my eyes
& smile faded from my lips
a polite whisper near to me
said, dont worry,alright all will be. ”


6th Dec 2012


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