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 ” I have a plan for us…lets fall in love with each other….. “


My heart is for you..to be taken !!!!!


" I love being yours "

” I love being yours “















Secretly i wished to meet you long back
when my days were grey, and moments were sad.


I felt like burying myself, in your deep arms
loved & pampered & lost in your charm.


I wanted to run my fingers, through your wavy hair
& feel your strong hands on me, all full of care.


I dreamt of you, every single day
full of love in my heart, is all i can say.


All through this while, i have been waiting for you
now undress my mind & make love to my thoughts.


25th Jan 2013



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My Heart Is Racing On !!!!!


“They say you should never fall in love coz anything that falls, break but still the moment you realise that you have fallen for someone, you want your life to start with that person as soon as possible.

Your heart beats fast, whenever you see that special one and for a while you don’t have control over your controlled emotions & senses…and that i think is a perfect moment of being in love ”



My heart is racing on !!!!

My heart is racing on !!!!

















The gentle breeze touch my face, I feel you all over
i make an elegant move, but my hearts pounding higher & lower.


Your thoughts cross my mind, they leave a trail of glitter
Shining & shimmering they turn everything more sweeter.


Your dreamy eyes, watch & captivate me whole
& the passion in them seduces my soul.


The distance between us has to be bygone
Just Hold me closer, my heart is racing on  !!!!!


22nd Jan 2013


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