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I love You So Muchhhh…………..

Love brings a lot of  JOY & ZEAL… but..when its more playful..it adds COLOUR & TINCH not only to your life but also to your soul. Each day you look forward to those cheerful moments which gives you a reason to hold on to life.


"I love u so much..         i could Squish you..."

“I love u so much.. i could Squish you…”

I love you so much

I will hold you tight
i’ll play with your hair
will look into your eyes.


Will peck your cheeks
and make it red
will wink at you
and make you smile.


I will tickle your feet
and laugh out loud
will pull your hair gently
to tease & pounce.


I will poke & pinch
your tummy so cute
you will run & chase
then kiss & bite.


I will hold you again
& squish you hard
then you would never want to leave
& would stay ever in my arms….


29th April 2013


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” When you love someone its BEAUTIFUL… ..and when you are loved back…. its AMAZING “.

The lovely moments with your love… makes your life heaven…right here on earth…..


Till Eternity…..

" I will love U till the end of time..."

” I will love U till the end of time…”















As time has passed

Our love has grown,

The bond we share

Can never be torn.


The moments shared

Are angelic like moon,

Only you and me

In a charming room.


You my passion

are  born for me,

Only mine are you

Is, all I mean.


Me for you

And you for me,

Our love will last

Till eternity…


By Madhura

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