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 RULES of love…..That there are NO rules…..!!!!!

Love is a famously fickle creature, but some love stories refuse to die…….  
You can run from it….you can hide from it…you can toss it high…you can roll it low…you can lift it up…you can keep it down but then there is no escape once that feel crawls inside of your heart  !!!!!

” The falling in love…is like flying high….you like the fall and believe you gonna fly…..”

"There are NO rules in LOVE ...& tats the RULE...."

“There are NO rules in LOVE …& tats the RULE….”










I saw him coming closer to me
and my heart started beating faster
my brain felt a knock
and i fell for him there after.

Ohh.. the sleepless nights now
with all his thoughts all over
the conflict between the mind & heart
and ofcourse the heart wins the battle.

I feel him all over
its the perception of my mind
his fingers touch my whole body
i feel the warmness for a while.

No more apprehensions
and no restless thoughts to hold
i just want to brush myself
all through his soul.

My love has no boundaries
but inside of me it lies
I just want to keep falling
because with every fall i rise.

By Madhura
29th July 2013


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