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Another Christmas Away….from Home….

( Thoughts of a Soldier…on a Christmas night….far away from Home…..)

  Wish you all a Happy Christmas !!!!!

Wish you all a Happy Christmas !!!!!

The Christmas night began with the carols sung all night
joy in the air and happiness in our minds
happy & merry were each one of us
i thought of a soldier who may be alone tonight.

Away from home and patriotism in eyes
he must be standing firm in this cold chilly night
A bullet may cross.. & tear apart his chest
he shall still be standing strong
to serve his nation all this while.

No jingles.. no lights.. & not even a piece of cake
and all through this night…he is still awake
no family no prayers, only loneliness surrounds him
but his heart is determined
to protect all of us this night.

A season of gladness,a season of cheer
he sends his family afar, his blessings & care
with joy & jubilance he revives their laughter
bringing happy memories to treasure ever after.

Another Christmas away, another indefinite time
a wish a desire, to meet them all this while
his heart hoping for a wish come true
his eyes withering, but his face has a smile.

By Madhu
25th Dec 2014

 ” Wishing you Sparkle & Wishing you Cheer.
A bright Merry Christmas & a lovely new Year”


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