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​#Heart breaksss πŸ’” are bad..but they are worse when someone leaves…by saying nothinggg…not even a Good Bye !!! #

” The HOPE that they will come BACKK…and the TRUTH that they WON’T…agonises the heart to a level that at times you cannot breathe, everything seems dull πŸ˜’ and You want the World to End ”

#This poetry for all those who waited endlessly…for the one 😘 who DID or DID NOT come…..#

“Our story isn’t over yet
i will wait for ❀ you 

till the world 

comes to an end…
You went off

as the moon from the sky

i stood there still

waiting for a good bye…
The tears from my πŸ˜ͺ eyes

kept rolling down my cheeks

the pain in my heart

kept rising like a sea…
I gazed at the sky

to the God who was quiet

the distance between us

became larger & wide…
You will come back 

when the time will be best

because deep inside i know

our 😘 story isn’t over yet….”
Madhu ❀❀

Pic Courtesy : pinterest


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​# My Love ❀ story didn’t start on a very good note 😏..a long dislike first..then a small encounter…instant falling in Lovee 😍…then datingg 😘…engagement πŸ’ & then the D day !!! #

# Love stories 😘 are my favoured subject to talk on..i love reading them..hearing them from people and of course playing a cupid πŸ’˜ whenever possible…It brightens my mood & heart…#
# Romanceeee…😘is Beauty Personified in this dull # Lifeeeee….& Love storiessss are Rainbowsssss….they make a dim day Brightttt πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ…..#

” All love ❀ stories are beautiful..but mine is my Favourite 😊…”

” The sight of you
set anger in my heart
i wish i could torment you
and see you depart….

But oh i wish 
this could be true
the more i hated you
the more of you i liked 😊…

It seemed foolish
it seemed wrong
stupid & crazy
it felt totally odd.

My heart πŸ’œpumped fast
my head spinned wild
is it love
or a trick of my mind…

You crossed me once
as we walked our path
our eyes met 😍
and so did our heart…

I gave away my heart
you gave away yours
our love story 😚 began 
a wonderful start….

The days pass by
the time flies high
every moment with you
is a wonderful 😚 delight “

Madhu ❀❀

Pic Courtesy : pinterest. 

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​#Beachesss are very romanticcc 😘…They make you fall in Loveeeee ❀…all over again. The Soft Sand….the Blue Sky… the Cold Waves & the Lovely Sea…  echoesss Loveee & deep dreamzzz….

” My Long Awaited dream..of spending a day at a beachhh wit you 😘… ”

” I have a dream to spend             

a day at a lonely beach  β€        

holding your  hand &              

pecking your cheeks…


Showering sand & 

dusting them off……

Splashing water on you & 

then wiping them off….. 


Teasing & Chasing 

in the deep blue sea… 

you giggle 😚  and laugh                                   

as the sand tickles your feet…
I pull you closer                               

to look into your  eyes…

slowly falling in love

As we lie under the sky….. 

Madhu ❀

Pic Courtesy : pinterest

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