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I am a big time DOG LOVER !!!!.


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I am a big time DOG LOVER !!!!

PEPSI – my little DOG !!!!!!!












Dog’s make me go weak in my knees. Awwwwww !!!!! they are so very adorable creatures on this planet. I am greatful to God for creating & delivering them on earth to us.

I  never loose out an opportunity anywhere to compliment them, cuddle them & feed them.
 I feel sanctification by doing so.

One of the most loyal & obedient animal in the animal kingdom.
A DOG is the only thing on earth, that will love you more than you love yourself.

Histories are more full of examples of fidelity of DOGS then of MEN. 

” Even if you lock your DOG in a room for 100 hours and later when you open the door , its first reaction would be to jump on you and lick your face”.
They never mind or rather they are always very forgiving & loving. They are like shadows….. will follow you wherever you go.


# DOG’S teach me to love unconditionally. 
# They never expect
# Accept U the way you are
# Always love back
# Non-judgmental
# Utmost Loyal
# Very obedient
# Protective
# Forgiving
# Loving
Actually I am all GAGA over them……….

At the max they want from you is a cuddle or a touch.Thats their ONLY need.

It doesnt matter what possesions you have in life. If You own a DOG you are RICH.

By Madhura

26th April -2012

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