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I wish the GODS come down….   ( I hope my poetry melts your heart !!!!


Sad is the air, when you see the misery around
a blind eye given to the hungry beside
you walk through the path & ignore the sight
when a homeless needs,a roof to reside.

A little girl runs and begs on the road
her sparkly eyes, desires for more
a doll she wants to embrace & hold
alas, her foot bare & rags are her clothes.

The weak walks, with fear in his mind
his head down and tears in his eyes
slashed & diced, is his dignity & pride
a rich has kicked & pushed him aside.

Injustice prevailed and has won the fight
laughs at the poor, with a slyish smile
the greedy and the mean, stare & frown
cruelty has put, humanity down.

I wish the Gods come down, in a quick
lay their eyes on the needy & the weak
touch the wounds of the grieved & feels
I wish the Gods walk across to them and heals.

By Madhu

Pic Courtesy : Pinterest


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 Blogger Award  =  Appreciation + Inspiration + Blush.













Feels  happy & Pampered when  someone appreciates your efforts by honoring you with a token of appreciation in the form of an award.


Thanks  Amyth  : http://mythbroakia.wordpress.com




18th August 2012



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                                          Over a cup of Coffee  !!!!!!


A cup of coffee serves many a occasions. I have many wonderful memories with my pals at the coffee shop and I am sure many of us share the similar experience.

The coffee shop I usually visit is situated in a cozy corner near a small water body, along a path way. Wonderful Aladdin lamps at the entrance gate welcome you with delight.

The well arranged tables & chairs in the patio of the coffee shop compliments the existence of this place.

I have witnessed that this coffee shop is never empty and serves people throughout till late night. People of all age groups halt at this place to have caffeine shot-I mean sip coffee, munch on some delightful muffins n cakes n doughnuts, delicious sandwiches and the other perks they offer.

A peppy music is an add on to this place & a big LED displays a good music or a sport broadcast.People come to converse, gossip, celebrate, relax, date, have fun and many a times just to ponder over some thoughts.  It’s a perfect comfy place.




There has to be no specific reason to walk into this place. Any occasion or any thought is well served here.This is a perfect place where you can be yourself irrespective of any mood & temper.


I have witnessed many a things happening at this place over a cup of coffee, like friends chit chatting, people discussing right from personal life till politics, couples fighting till coming back the next day all patched up- cupid strucked.

Things break things make, some laugh some cry, some discuss some gossip, people fall in or fall out of people, relationships, problems and many a things…. but definitely its all colourful  here.


So just walk in here…..
Select a spot…..
be seated……..
n its ur abode ……

By Madhura

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“ MAY  i have your attention PLEASE  !!!! “


https://dabholkarmadhura.wordpress.com NOMINATED for “One Lovely Blog Award”









I am  honoured & obliged to be nominated to accept this award and I am glad that my writings are liked & appreciated.

So following the rules for receiving the awards… here I go….


 Nominating Rules:
* Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post
* Share 7 things about yourself
* Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire
* Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know


1)   I sincerely thank :  http://greatpoetrymhf.wordpress.com/  for going through my writings, liking them & appreciating it by this kind gesture of nominating me.

This award means so much to me & I am so glad to be a part of this blogging world & connecting to all my fellow bloggers.


2)   Seven Things about me…( hmm..though.. funny & weird )

1#    I have a really WIDE SMILE. That’s the first thing any one would notice in me. Though I wish i had some other interesting attributes, I still thank God for it & thanks the genes passed on to me.

2#    I am a big time DOG LOVER.  Awww !!!!  they are one adorable animals on this planet. I thank the creator for delivering them to us. I leave no stone unturned to pamper them, cuddle them & feed them.

3#     I am humorous. And i honestly & humbly accept that I really like this one quality in me, coz that’s the only quality I have… so with no other choice I accept it.

4#     I am a cleanliness freak, doesn’t matter where I am… I start right there to keep everything where they belong.

5#      I love going to the MALLS,  I find them very colourful… colourful décor, colourful shops, colourful people, colourful state of mind.

6#    I love writing. That’s one thing which completely sanctifies me.

7#    RAINBOWS make me believe in FAIRY TALES.


3)   And the AWARD (nominations ) goes to  :

( Trust me a very difficult task..coz all the bloggers are fantafabulous )

1)      severalstarrynights.wordpress.com

2)      http://www.redtemptation.in/

3)      withywindle.wordpress.com

4)      anoando.wordpress.com

5)      interpretartistmama.wordpress.com

6)      daisysdatingdiary.wordpress.com

7)      http://idolanuel.com/

8)      http://www.dreams2swim.com/

9)      mesayah.wordpress.com

10)   lesleycarter.wordpress.com

11)   blainecindy1.wordpress.com

12)   Andnowthatithinkaboutit.wordpress.com

13)  http://pradnyadeshmukh8.wordpress.com/

14)   spoonfulsofconfidence.wordpress.com

15)   sunkissedreformer.wordpress.com


So I take a leave by saying truck loads of thanks and wishing all the bloggers…“ A VERY HAPPY WRITING “


By Madhura


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Careless Laughter……Awkward moments….Priceless feelings……


I laugh a lot in Life….

May be because I find humour in almost everything…. & possibly laugh more where it’s juss not predominantly required or especially… when it’s a strict No No… And I have faced a lot of repercussions due to my, this, not so funny attribute.

But I still can’t let go off this quirk of mine. I  kinda like it in me. How much Ever a tensed moment or a serious situation, I am bound to chuckle, may be its sort of camouflaging my nervousness or fear that particular instant. Though it helps me to feel light, merry n joyful it pisses & annoys me as well at times…coz it successfully lands me in many a, amusing Awkward moments.

Whatsoever !!!!! I enjoy every bit of it, make people associated with me experience a good laugh, lighten the span & move on with a giggle…..


“It doesn’t mean I am immature, it’s just that I am born with a funny bone “



1st July 2012

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 Smile !!!! 
Life Requires it ………









The world fathoms about love being the ultimate, purest & safest emotion gifted to mankind and as i started growing, my belief in this adage became more believable.
                          At times the belief in this notion was shaky but eventually it prevailed that Love outsmarts all sorts of enmities, cunningness & malices. Yes it does, & that’s the whole basis of mankind and humanity. Its the only source & hope for our survival.


Everything we do has a self interest, pleasing our heart to keep it happy. And we keep it happy when we have someone to share our happiness with us.
Its about choices in life, good, bad, worse. Life may not be fair with you most of the times but its absolutely worth it to live it to the fullest. Anything new enters our life only when we create space for it.


Polish & concise as ever… our mind craves to be loved, pampered & wanted.
To love someone is beautiful, to be loved back is amazing.


 ” And if you have good people in your life & you take care of them, You will have them forever “


29th June-2012

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My Thought for the day is “U”…… [dedicated to all the Bloggers….].

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