# UNFAITHFULNESS….is a very bad virtue….DON’T DO IT….DON’T ACCEPT IT….It Hurts terribly..Breaks you..and many a times..Damages you too…
Walking out over the person is the best thing you can do… to YOURSELF….#


" Dont leave me...."

“I can see him dying everyday
i can see the pain in his eyes
i don’t want to do this anymore
i don’t want to take away his pride…..

It was all good in the past
it was all that i had ever want
it all got swept away
the love the vow the cord….

May be it was the long distance
may be it was the space beyond
may be it was my loneliness
as i stride towards the other bond….

I know it kills him each day
as i get ready for another date
i know that he knows
i am faithful no more….

I know i am wrong
as i say, it wont be long
because we both know
as i walk out of the door….”


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The unsent Letters to you….

# She wrote the Letters, but never sent it…..Words UNSAID means a Love story not begun…Its sad when when two people don’t express what they feel…You never know…it would have been the greatest LOVE STORY everrrrr……… #


” The letters i have written…Love flowing like a stream…
they lay on my table…forever like a dream…

I have poured out my heart….my feelings filled with love….
for years they are inside me…deep buried and bowed…

My love affair with the letters….is a long lost trail….
i walk on this path…shadowed with passion & care….

I have penned down my thoughts….about the love i cannot lie
the night went by…like the moon from the sky….

You are special to me….like a gift unfold….
i feel you so closer…i wish i could hold…..

The letters lie there….like a memory gone fade…
the words i should never…have left unsaid… ”

By Madhu

# When two Lovers…are separated..there is a collision in the Sky…The Lovers yearn for those passionate momentssss..when they will meet again…deeply in to each others arms ….just as the Sky waits…to embrace the Earth at the Horizon……#


You & I will meet again…..

” You & I will meet again….
One day in a far off place
Where the Stars will shine….
The Moon will Light…
And the Wind will Laugh..
As the Sky will Smile …..

I will Recognise your face…
I will read your Mind…
I will Love your Heart…
Till the Sun will Rise….

I will hold your Tears….
I will press your Fears                                   
I will calm your mind
I will Ease your Pain
And You & I will Meet Again……..”


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# Life becomes more bearable.. when you have the right people around you..and once you have them in Ur Lifeeee…You should neverrrrr let them go…..#


The grass on the greener side  !!!!

” The grass on the other side
looked greener more than mine
i questioned what they did
i wondered what was right.

They watered it more often
they pampered it with care
they cherished the grass with love
and hope & faith they shared.

They both looked very happy
they both seemed extremely well
taking care of each other
they knew,what it meant for them.

A lesson learned by me
a wisdom taught by TIME
if you take care of your people
you can have them FOREVER…in your LIFE.. ”

Madhu Jha

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# One Life…but countless moments wit our FAVOURITE. people..WE need to spend more time wit the people we love…because we never know… when we may DEPART…#


” Do not stand at my grave…..
I am long gone… like the Wind in the air
I am the light….that comes from the moon
I am the Flower..  that dazzles & bloom…..

I am the wind..that gently blows your hair
I am the breeze…that mildly touches & care
I am the rain drop…that drizzle from the sky
I am the one…with the low’s and the high…..

I am the laugh… and the blush when you smile
I am the tear… that drops down & glide
I am the fear…that sits back & lie
But i am also the love…that flutters up & fly….

Have a smile…do not weep
i am not there…i do not sleep
Do not wait for me…do not cry
i am not there…i did not die ”

By Madhu

Pic Courtesy : pinterest

# We all Love that one person who makes our life Topsy Turvey..You float in the cloud & walk in a dream. But not everyone receives it back…This poem is for all of those, whos love at somepoint in life remained incomplete !!!!!! #

” But i will love you forever….”


Every day i see you as you walk across my path
the charm on your face and the dimple in your laugh
You dreamy eyes glow, as i look in it for a dream
the scent of your cologne..& here i stumble and fall.

I stare at you from a distance, as my heart flutters fast
will you ever notice me, or would i just fade away like a past
My growing love for you, cant wait to be for yours
look at me once and feel the fondness in my heart.

You walked into my life and i dont even know how
i will wait for you for ever.. but i want you right now
the letters i have written, love flowing like a stream
they lay on my table…maybe for ever like a dream.

Time passes by as my heart yearns with a wish
you march towards me and peck me with a kiss
I cannot distance myself from you, cant stay away far
i will love you forever and will never move apart.

By Madhu

Pic Courtesy: Google


# The strength…The Courage and The Passion….#

When the path you walk seems all uphill
and the rocks on the road crush your feet
keep your spirit high & don’t you quit
hold your chin up as you have always been.

The road will be edgy and very stiff
helping hands will also skip
don’t you stop, just keep moving
it seems far but not unseen.

The fog in the air will dim your eyes
the hope in your mind will take a fly
tears will flow, down your cheeks
but very soon the sun will rise.

Hold your tears they are soon to go
drop your fears as possibly low
keep your strength & courage all tied
Only you shall prevail so don’t you cry.

When hope seems far & faith disappears
that’s when you must stand firm & real
the time will come and you shall see
the world will shine by your courageous smile.

By Madhu

Pic Courtesy : Pinterest.

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