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​#Have you ever been cheated…i hope you are not….One of the most disloyal act, which completely breaks & damages the other person😣..a wound that heals with time…but leaves a painful scar😢 #

❤Lovers dont Cheat…& Cheaters dont Love…❤

” Everyday as you stepped out

i knew where your steps would lead

i knew the walk in the park was a lie

a lie that killed my 😒 dreams..
Your meetings increased day by day

and so does the fondness in your heart

i waited endlessly for the nights to end

as i lay helplessly alone in the bed…
My heart broke 😢 without a loud noise

but the wounds were skin deep

the music in your life was loud & fun

& you chose not to hear my silent scream…
Then one day i saw her in your arms

filled with love & care

i knew it was all my fault 😥

i should have long back set you free…
I packed my fears then

as i gathered my fading faith

the love in my heart cried

as i walked out with my pride…
Madhu ❤


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