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” Take a deep Breath….Pick Urself Up…. Dust Urself Off…. And start All over Again….. ”

” Courage is doing what is right….
courage is getting up after the fight
courage is seeing someone else win
courage is having the strength to smile…..

Courage is going weak inside….
courage is pursuing what is right
courage is what it takes to be yourself
courage is to sit down & keep quiet…

Courage is to believe in your faith…
courage is falling again & standing straight
courage is having the belief to win
courage is ME..& courage is my Name…


Pic courtesy : pinterest


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# The strength…The Courage and The Passion….#

When the path you walk seems all uphill
and the rocks on the road crush your feet
keep your spirit high & don’t you quit
hold your chin up as you have always been.

The road will be edgy and very stiff
helping hands will also skip
don’t you stop, just keep moving
it seems far but not unseen.

The fog in the air will dim your eyes
the hope in your mind will take a fly
tears will flow, down your cheeks
but very soon the sun will rise.

Hold your tears they are soon to go
drop your fears as possibly low
keep your strength & courage all tied
Only you shall prevail so don’t you cry.

When hope seems far & faith disappears
that’s when you must stand firm & real
the time will come and you shall see
the world will shine by your courageous smile.

By Madhu

Pic Courtesy : Pinterest.

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” Leap of Faith…..Its Phenomenal “

Life is comparatively more bearable for people with tough DNA. They basically have more firmness & elasticity than the majority of us.
I wonder what keeps them going consistently. Subject matter expertise say its the inheritant traits in such people who possess this essential potency.


"Wat defines us is how well we RISE after FALLING..."

“Wat defines us is how well we RISE after FALLING…”















Hey you there, Get up and walk
please don’t stop after all the try
the time will come & you shall see
the world will shine by your lovely smile.


Hold your tears they are soon to go
drop your fears as possibly low
keep your faith & hopes all tied
only you shall prevail so don’t you cry.


It may seem far but not unseen
carry your strength and also your will
when hope seems far & faith disappears
that’s when you must stand firm & real.


You have crossed the path full of storms
with dreams in your eyes passionately whole
but don’t you quit & give up your goal
because even if there’s fear in your heart
there’s also courage in your soul.


1st Sep  2013

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HAPPY WOMAN’S DAY “ –  Dedicated to all the LOVELY WOMAN’S  !!!!!!


I Rose……


Beautiful Women Photography_051















I rose when i hit the rock bottom when every HOPE  failed….

I rose when the thunder struck and my DREAMS tore apart….


I rose when STRENGTH seemed a word for me and my soul gave up hope….

I rose because i knew i had to or i would have REMAINED  a dead stone…..


I rose as i CHOSE to live life more beautifully than ever….

I rose and stood up now or i would have STOOD UP  never……


By Madhura

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” Alright all will be…. “


“Some weak moments in our life make us more weaker but when we survive such tough times we not only become more strong, we become more human too “

" Tough Time !!!!    This too shall pass......"

” Tough Time !!!!
This too shall pass……


















” I wondered where the path ceased
I was tired of the walk
God kept hinting back at me
said don’t loose the hope & stop.


My eyes searched for a glimpse of light
my faith was shaking though
the lord above was kind enough
& carried me in my times of low.


My belief my faith kept sinking down
my strength was turning weak
& just when i thought was the end
he assured, it was the beginning.


And as tears rolled down my eyes
& smile faded from my lips
a polite whisper near to me
said, dont worry,alright all will be. ”


6th Dec 2012


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A lovely composition once again by Shil…..This piece of writing has touched my heart & couraged my soul, and i am sure even you will feel the same..   Thanx Shil for your wonderful warm poetry and  for letting me share it on my blog page.


I want to burn the bridges, I have ever crossed…..


My journey on the bridge…..

















” Desires were indeed dark and deep
Smirked my heart with inherent greed
No said my mind and heart pounded gaily
Soul shirked and feet tramped vilely

Stood again on the bridge I crossed long ago
Crossing again!!!! was my heart’s echo
Fear crossed my mind and heart whined
Past heartbreaks memoirs painfully rhymed

Sweet were they and me glee
Can’t forget their tweeting melee
Met on these bridge’s and lived the life to die for
Sudden depart from them was what I cried for

These bridges bring pain, misery and sorrow engrossed
Therefore, I want to burn the bridges, I have ever crossed.
Went ahead with a burning torch in my shivering hand
To Burn the bridges and let the memoirs get disband

Suddenly the winds blew and torch’s flame shivered
And softly one hope whispered and my heart quivered
Winds said liberate yourself from the bondage of fear
And release yourself from this cage of despair

The bridges you have crossed were of past
Hold my hands to see the pains are lost
Sometime they wander inside and wound your thought
Unleash the aversions and see what I have brought

Walk with me on this bridge you once thought to burn
Walked with shaking feet, raising hopes and desires churn
The journey on the bridge seemed beginning of a morn
Crossed the bridge again, which I wanted to burn “.

By Shil


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But don’t you ever QUIT…….

Dont you QUIT…….











Don’t you look at the dust on your feet

your eyes are meant to see the sky

the path may make you trip & stumble

But remember its a slip not a FALL.


I know the day’s are not bright for you

and your heart is sinking in…..

but it doesn’t mean that darkness rules

just hold your spirits WITHIN.


The sight of shore.. though may be far

but don’t worry you will reach

if not soon in a shortest while

but with the longer route you WILL.


My words may just be words for you

but don’t you loose your wit

its a difficult time…this too shall pass

But don’t you ever QUIT.


By Madhura

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