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# Life becomes more bearable.. when you have the right people around you..and once you have them in Ur Lifeeee…You should neverrrrr let them go…..#


The grass on the greener side  !!!!

” The grass on the other side
looked greener more than mine
i questioned what they did
i wondered what was right.

They watered it more often
they pampered it with care
they cherished the grass with love
and hope & faith they shared.

They both looked very happy
they both seemed extremely well
taking care of each other
they knew,what it meant for them.

A lesson learned by me
a wisdom taught by TIME
if you take care of your people
you can have them FOREVER…in your LIFE.. ”

Madhu Jha

Pic courtesy : pinterest


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I wish the GODS come down….   ( I hope my poetry melts your heart !!!!


Sad is the air, when you see the misery around
a blind eye given to the hungry beside
you walk through the path & ignore the sight
when a homeless needs,a roof to reside.

A little girl runs and begs on the road
her sparkly eyes, desires for more
a doll she wants to embrace & hold
alas, her foot bare & rags are her clothes.

The weak walks, with fear in his mind
his head down and tears in his eyes
slashed & diced, is his dignity & pride
a rich has kicked & pushed him aside.

Injustice prevailed and has won the fight
laughs at the poor, with a slyish smile
the greedy and the mean, stare & frown
cruelty has put, humanity down.

I wish the Gods come down, in a quick
lay their eyes on the needy & the weak
touch the wounds of the grieved & feels
I wish the Gods walk across to them and heals.

By Madhu

Pic Courtesy : Pinterest

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” Lost in your city of love…..and YOU found ME… !!!!!! “” 

” I am so Glad You found ME “

A long awaited desire

i wandered through your streets
my eyes searched all over
only you i wanted to see……

The scorching sun above
shone brightly as it could
my strength drained apart
but my hope, never would.

My legs gave up nerve
as ahead they couldn’t move
i pushed & dragged my spirit
as much as i could.

A hand pulled me closer
i felt the warmth of your breathe
my fingertips touched you all over
i confirmed your love & faith.

Lost in your city,
in persuit of your love
and just when the search seemed endless
i am glad you found me…..
By Madhu
17th July 2015

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” Leap of Faith…..Its Phenomenal “

Life is comparatively more bearable for people with tough DNA. They basically have more firmness & elasticity than the majority of us.
I wonder what keeps them going consistently. Subject matter expertise say its the inheritant traits in such people who possess this essential potency.


"Wat defines us is how well we RISE after FALLING..."

“Wat defines us is how well we RISE after FALLING…”















Hey you there, Get up and walk
please don’t stop after all the try
the time will come & you shall see
the world will shine by your lovely smile.


Hold your tears they are soon to go
drop your fears as possibly low
keep your faith & hopes all tied
only you shall prevail so don’t you cry.


It may seem far but not unseen
carry your strength and also your will
when hope seems far & faith disappears
that’s when you must stand firm & real.


You have crossed the path full of storms
with dreams in your eyes passionately whole
but don’t you quit & give up your goal
because even if there’s fear in your heart
there’s also courage in your soul.


1st Sep  2013

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HAPPY WOMAN’S DAY “ –  Dedicated to all the LOVELY WOMAN’S  !!!!!!


I Rose……


Beautiful Women Photography_051















I rose when i hit the rock bottom when every HOPE  failed….

I rose when the thunder struck and my DREAMS tore apart….


I rose when STRENGTH seemed a word for me and my soul gave up hope….

I rose because i knew i had to or i would have REMAINED  a dead stone…..


I rose as i CHOSE to live life more beautifully than ever….

I rose and stood up now or i would have STOOD UP  never……


By Madhura

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“ MAY  i have your attention PLEASE  !!!! “


https://dabholkarmadhura.wordpress.com NOMINATED for “One Lovely Blog Award”









I am  honoured & obliged to be nominated to accept this award and I am glad that my writings are liked & appreciated.

So following the rules for receiving the awards… here I go….


 Nominating Rules:
* Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post
* Share 7 things about yourself
* Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire
* Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know


1)   I sincerely thank :  http://greatpoetrymhf.wordpress.com/  for going through my writings, liking them & appreciating it by this kind gesture of nominating me.

This award means so much to me & I am so glad to be a part of this blogging world & connecting to all my fellow bloggers.


2)   Seven Things about me…( hmm..though.. funny & weird )

1#    I have a really WIDE SMILE. That’s the first thing any one would notice in me. Though I wish i had some other interesting attributes, I still thank God for it & thanks the genes passed on to me.

2#    I am a big time DOG LOVER.  Awww !!!!  they are one adorable animals on this planet. I thank the creator for delivering them to us. I leave no stone unturned to pamper them, cuddle them & feed them.

3#     I am humorous. And i honestly & humbly accept that I really like this one quality in me, coz that’s the only quality I have… so with no other choice I accept it.

4#     I am a cleanliness freak, doesn’t matter where I am… I start right there to keep everything where they belong.

5#      I love going to the MALLS,  I find them very colourful… colourful décor, colourful shops, colourful people, colourful state of mind.

6#    I love writing. That’s one thing which completely sanctifies me.

7#    RAINBOWS make me believe in FAIRY TALES.


3)   And the AWARD (nominations ) goes to  :

( Trust me a very difficult task..coz all the bloggers are fantafabulous )

1)      severalstarrynights.wordpress.com

2)      http://www.redtemptation.in/

3)      withywindle.wordpress.com

4)      anoando.wordpress.com

5)      interpretartistmama.wordpress.com

6)      daisysdatingdiary.wordpress.com

7)      http://idolanuel.com/

8)      http://www.dreams2swim.com/

9)      mesayah.wordpress.com

10)   lesleycarter.wordpress.com

11)   blainecindy1.wordpress.com

12)   Andnowthatithinkaboutit.wordpress.com

13)  http://pradnyadeshmukh8.wordpress.com/

14)   spoonfulsofconfidence.wordpress.com

15)   sunkissedreformer.wordpress.com


So I take a leave by saying truck loads of thanks and wishing all the bloggers…“ A VERY HAPPY WRITING “


By Madhura


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I am a big time DOG LOVER !!!!.

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