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I owe this…. to you……...


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Dark Days….

How would you feel if ” you were the reason for someone to cry every night “.

I hurt someone close the other day, yes i did it deliberately. It was my way to vent out my anger caused by that person.  But actually it was just not worth it.  I felt miserable when i went to bed and i could imagine the afflict & the anguish felt by the other person too.

I have also envisaged that how much ever i try to make up for my insensitive act later, it will not suffice, because the injured person does not want to be compensated but rather wants to be healed because he has been hurt.

The worse thing in life would be “you” being the reason for someone’s tears. If you cannot be a reason for someone’s delight at the least don’t be the reason for their grief.

If you wound someone, you not only give them hurt but you also give along some dark days ….like moments of pain & sadness..

People hurt you, they will… sometimes consciously sometimes by little ignorance, but it really does no good to give it back to them in any form. Specially if they are your closed ones then its like uprooting a tree & then trying to plant it up again.

Everyone is fighting their own battle. When you think you are struggling with your bitterness, ego & anger, always know, there are many people in the world who are striving to find little hopes & happiness in small things to maKe their life little more bearable. So let go the petty concerns even if it leads to big disappointments. You loose nothing by doing so.

By getting disappointed you loose nothing but by loosing people you loose everything.

Letting go your ego & anger is far much better than letting go the person. People, relations & love are very precious. If you are incapable of nurturing them you better be prepared to live alone in despair.
Hurt can be suffered alone but you need to SHARE happiness to feel it completely.


No matter how sharp a grievance or how deep YOUR hurt is,

But YOU should NEVER be a reason for someone’s  DARK DAYS….


By Madhura

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I owe this…. to you…..                                                      






You taught me,

love is just not giving but also a sacrifice if needed.


You taught me,

to be patient when things arent going your way when you desperately want them to be.


You taught me,

forgiveness, to forgive when inside of your heart you are badly hurt.


You taught me,

to be independant where you should be with confidence.


You taught me,

to value what you have rather seeking what isnt needed.


You taught me,

acceptance, specially with regards to human nature.

accept people the way they are.


You taught me,

spirit, live life with zest and enthusiasm.

money isnt needed for many a things in life.


You taught me,

relations, maintain them come what may.


You taught me,

discipline, it channelises your thoughts and life in the right way.


You taught me,

to be balanced, not doing and taking things to extremes.


You taught me,

commitment is not always a set of spoken words.


You taught me,

life is beautiful and full of dreams.


I owe this….. to you………..


By  Madhura

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Mortal sin..















I lay on the floor, thoughts surround me
tears flow down my cheeks
few days left
and then i will perish.

A mistake done in a spur of a moment
now i am all alone and no one with me
mind filled with guilt and shame
but nothing can be done, regret i feel.

No one talks to me
no one comes near
Disgracefully people look
and some with fear.

I remember the night
when i was hanging out with friends
carefree and casual attitude
and fun in the air.

We were discussing women
their body and curves
talking about sex
our passion and lust.

Eroticism filled our mind
with the urge to satisfy
the beast within was awakened
we didnt hold back our emotions
nor we tried.

A little girl on the street, poor and hungry
begging for food approached with hope
our intentions wicked, our mind foul
we shut her mouth as we pulled her close.

She screamt she cried
she struggled for release
we held her tight
as we dragged her and seized.

We tied her mouth,
her hands and legs
helplessly she cried
and mercilessly we raped.

One by one turn by turn
we forced ourselves on her
each one took, his own pleasure
as all of us satisfied our thirst.

This filthy behaviour
this immoral deed
we degraded our soul
our quest sordid.

On the ground she lay
moaning with pain
half conscious and half dead
crying with affliction
then the girl lay dead.

We all were terrified
a chill ran through our spine
we didnt know what to do
an escape we made but nothing turned fine.

Her corpse was discovered
the news spread like wild fire
proof was found enough to prosecute us
behind the bars now we were in tears.

We deserved it and begged for lenity
just as the little girl had pleaded in front of us
no mercy was granted nor we were forgiven
a henious crime committed
the law didnt pity and ordered for our shun.

Now i lay on the floor and wait for my end
the day for me to be hanged until death
my family embarrassed and ashamed of me
i cry for my life and regret for my sin.




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“Interpretation of the Supernatural….. ”


He is Omnipresent !!!!!











Life is a continuum of various seasons and each living human finds his own source of faith & trust upon a supernatural power commonly known as GOD ( G-generator, O-operator, D-destroyer) which keeps him going through the shades of life.

He relies, speaks, complains, hopes and communicates with this powerful force consciously & subconsciously. This divine force has been the only distinct source of hope & gratification for each one of us. We surrender and collaborate with this divine influence for the contentment of our mind & soul. It is a clear matter of belief purely. If your faith in this belief is strong you survive the ordeal of life with lesser gravity and experience miracles, compared to a wavering faith which keeps us wandering aimlessly in this life’s voyage.

By Night, even an atheist half believes in God that strong & influential capacity the term GOD has in it.

Everyone has their own image of the almighty in their mind, like a picture, a deity, an idol, an experience, a miracle or a force and he practices his worship, conceiving that particular form.
In popular culture of debate with some sections of society the supernatural is whimsically associated with the paranormal.

But as everyone holds a visual of their God in their minds, similarly everyone has their own interpretation of the lord or the supernatural.

I personally envisage the absolute being in the form of our own perception. Like i perceive that ” You get what you give “. If you give the universe good it will give you the best and if you give out bad it will return you with the worse. A very plain logic.
If you give out laughter it is given back to you & if you hurt someone by your thoughtlessness or deliberate cruelty you will endure the same very sooner or later in some form but definitely you will. There is no escape from this natures rule.











I perceive my God in every good action, good thought & good deed towards a person, animal, insect or rather to any animate object though i am not always successful to be considerate to many a people and in many a circumstances. The temptation of being selfish, irrational is always strong from which you have to deviate with a lot of effort.
One receives strength & survive their tough times by an inner reservoir of faith on his maker which creates a strong spiritual connection. It absolutely makes life bearable & better.
As living beings we are designed not to trust anyone completely, a defense mechanism is fit in us biologically. Only humans have the ability of the thinking within the living species. An absolute assurance on the divine being in a way you annotate him, brings an ever lasting security and peace within you which in turn directs & sustains your life.

My interpretation of God varies from situations & circumstances but my faith in him never fluctuates because though it does not always make everything easier it definitely makes everything possible.



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To FORGIVE is to HEAL…..














Joy if shared with others doubles and pain if suppressed multiplies, its the norm of human behaviour and living.

Injury of the b

ody heals within the permissible time but injury of the heart takes a longer time and at times doesn’t even heal. We just cant let a hurt get away from us that easily, we hold on to it, think, assume, imagine, estimate and finally believe that sorrow triumphs over happiness and allow it to play a dominant role in controlling our psyche.

This is a very normal phenomenology of human psychology.

Our brains neurobiological process is very complex and we add more complexity and stress to it by burdening it with our miseries.

Actually more than the hurt the hurt giver causes us a lot of pain which wounds us predominantly. Take any situation, like someone deliberately passing an unfavourable comment on you, your close friend fails to understand your deeply hurt feelings, your siblings subconsciously affirms you of your failure, your partner doesn’t stand up to your expectations, you don’t get appreciated for your efforts, when you are not loved back,a heart piercing insult, a blow to your ego and so many alike circumstances. And all this affects our mental health status.

But a human is no human without humanity if he doesn’t apply this doctrine in his interpersonal relationships.

” Let Go & Forgiveness ” approach has a tremendous subconscious effect on human psychology. Let go the pain, the ache, the grudge, the injustice and be free from the bondage of pain & suffering.

Its like a free trip to hell, shortens your life span, fastens your death pace and makes you miserable & a unhappy person. And about the doer, he has long back left your territory,its you who is holding back to him and making him a part of your daily life.









Unforgivness is a poison you drink everyday, hoping that the other person will die. You shelter & protect the pain to an extent that over a period of time it becomes a part of you and you don’t even realise this. It makes you bitter shallow & harsh as time passes and unsweetens you.

The forgiver is always at peace and serenity when he frees himself of the grievance captivity. Forgiveness & Kindness like a boomerang always returns. So don’t worry let your anger & grief flow out from your self with no U turns. I assure, it will make you feel more light more bright and will add more euphoria to your life.

Forgiveness of others is a gift to yourself. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong, it requires a lot of courage to pardon the doer who afflicted you with a pain, anger or an insult. But when you forgive, you let go the doer and dont chain yourself to him, you are free from slavery now.

It makes you more matured, more receptive more humble and above all more favorite to God.

When you cant decide between Forget and Forgive,Pick One.



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