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” Lost in your city of love…..and YOU found ME… !!!!!! “” 

” I am so Glad You found ME “

A long awaited desire

i wandered through your streets
my eyes searched all over
only you i wanted to see……

The scorching sun above
shone brightly as it could
my strength drained apart
but my hope, never would.

My legs gave up nerve
as ahead they couldn’t move
i pushed & dragged my spirit
as much as i could.

A hand pulled me closer
i felt the warmth of your breathe
my fingertips touched you all over
i confirmed your love & faith.

Lost in your city,
in persuit of your love
and just when the search seemed endless
i am glad you found me…..
By Madhu
17th July 2015


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Come Along….and Unleash your dream….

come with me...to unleash ur dreamss...."





















Beautiful life…and all this while…
I wait for you….like the sun to rise….
moments pass….and so does time…
in my heart…i have made you mine….

I look for you….here & there….
and there i….see you come….
But do you feel the same for me….
with that thought… my heart goes numb….

Come along…with all of me….
if you wish…to redeem your life….
will fly with the wind…and flow with the tide….
& i assure you…an astonishing ride….

There will be lot of laughter….& lot of grin
and also lot of chuckle’s….
i will drive you through…all the madness…

just unlock…all the buckles…
A lot of passion….a lot of fun….
is with what…. i will fill your life….
you will float on joy…slide on beam….
and i will hold your hand…to unleash your dream….


By Madhura

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“ When wonderful things are happening to you, your instinct is to shout it to the world  !!!! “


I want to fall inside the SKY……….


" Life is Beautiful....Live It  "

” Life is Beautiful….Live It “


















” I want to swim & swirl and feel the wave
i wan to run & fall and feel the sweat
i wan to laugh & roll and enjoy the rain
i want to cry & weep and let go my pain. ”


“ I want to laugh & grin and flash my teeths
i want to wink & blink and feel the tease
i want to sit & stare some lovely eyes
i want to talk & flirt with an elegant grace. “


“ I want to fall in the sky & touch the clouds
i want to sit beside the stars & shine with proud
i want to float in the air & savor my soul
i want to explore my life & cherish it whole. “


12th Dec 2012


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” Alright all will be…. “


“Some weak moments in our life make us more weaker but when we survive such tough times we not only become more strong, we become more human too “

" Tough Time !!!!    This too shall pass......"

” Tough Time !!!!
This too shall pass……


















” I wondered where the path ceased
I was tired of the walk
God kept hinting back at me
said don’t loose the hope & stop.


My eyes searched for a glimpse of light
my faith was shaking though
the lord above was kind enough
& carried me in my times of low.


My belief my faith kept sinking down
my strength was turning weak
& just when i thought was the end
he assured, it was the beginning.


And as tears rolled down my eyes
& smile faded from my lips
a polite whisper near to me
said, dont worry,alright all will be. ”


6th Dec 2012


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” Love  is a very pure & a very sensational feeling.

You can fall in love at any age & at any time…whether you want to or not…..

You just fall & get captivated……and then your life changes forever……”


 “I loved you even before i met you……..”
















Long ago, i loved you even before we met,
I see a dream of meeting you
on a lovely beach watching the sun set.


I pray at the wishing well, to quickly grant my wish,
i wait on the sand ,they kiss my feet
& you walk right there, like a beautiful desire unleashed.


You look into my eyes & show me your dreams
your longing your passion, beautiful & gleam
you hold my hand & everything i believe.


The departure the pain all vanish in vain
our desire to meet ,compel our fate
destined to love after the long wait


i knew i loved you even before we met.


By Madhura


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You may never know the reason why……


“I wish so much that You were MINE….”













There’s something about the way i feel
perhaps you may never get to know
But the heart which beats inside of me i say
Will knock the door of your heart one day.


I want to begin my life being a part of you
and i want that to happen very soon
you may not realize & never know
the love within me, which i never show.


My desire for you keeps growing strong
as time passes by like a breeze
i keep on wishing to the falling star
just fall and grant my wish.


I yearn my love embraces you
like the moon and sun in the sky
i will love you till the end of time
and you may never know the reason why.

16th August 2012


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 ” Its Raining Love…. “

” Its Raining LOVE….. “















Like the rain i have fallen for you

it wasn’t more beautiful until i walked with you
the chilly breeze brush through my soul
and the wet drops fall & touch me whole.


It seems the storm is yet to come
when our eyes will meet & we’ll be one
the trees are gleaming like never before
my temptation rises there’s more to come.


The heavy clouds in the dark blue sky
wait for the moment to end the plight
drenched in love with the touch of rain
a glimpse of you & my heart would delight.


The drops tease & whirl my mind
they tempt & toss my imagination wild
my heart pounds & fastens my breathe
its raining love as you hold me tight.


By Madhura

26th July 2012


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