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“ MAY  i have your attention PLEASE  !!!! “


https://dabholkarmadhura.wordpress.com NOMINATED for “One Lovely Blog Award”









I am  honoured & obliged to be nominated to accept this award and I am glad that my writings are liked & appreciated.

So following the rules for receiving the awards… here I go….


 Nominating Rules:
* Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post
* Share 7 things about yourself
* Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire
* Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know


1)   I sincerely thank :  http://greatpoetrymhf.wordpress.com/  for going through my writings, liking them & appreciating it by this kind gesture of nominating me.

This award means so much to me & I am so glad to be a part of this blogging world & connecting to all my fellow bloggers.


2)   Seven Things about me…( hmm..though.. funny & weird )

1#    I have a really WIDE SMILE. That’s the first thing any one would notice in me. Though I wish i had some other interesting attributes, I still thank God for it & thanks the genes passed on to me.

2#    I am a big time DOG LOVER.  Awww !!!!  they are one adorable animals on this planet. I thank the creator for delivering them to us. I leave no stone unturned to pamper them, cuddle them & feed them.

3#     I am humorous. And i honestly & humbly accept that I really like this one quality in me, coz that’s the only quality I have… so with no other choice I accept it.

4#     I am a cleanliness freak, doesn’t matter where I am… I start right there to keep everything where they belong.

5#      I love going to the MALLS,  I find them very colourful… colourful décor, colourful shops, colourful people, colourful state of mind.

6#    I love writing. That’s one thing which completely sanctifies me.

7#    RAINBOWS make me believe in FAIRY TALES.


3)   And the AWARD (nominations ) goes to  :

( Trust me a very difficult task..coz all the bloggers are fantafabulous )

1)      severalstarrynights.wordpress.com

2)      http://www.redtemptation.in/

3)      withywindle.wordpress.com

4)      anoando.wordpress.com

5)      interpretartistmama.wordpress.com

6)      daisysdatingdiary.wordpress.com

7)      http://idolanuel.com/

8)      http://www.dreams2swim.com/

9)      mesayah.wordpress.com

10)   lesleycarter.wordpress.com

11)   blainecindy1.wordpress.com

12)   Andnowthatithinkaboutit.wordpress.com

13)  http://pradnyadeshmukh8.wordpress.com/

14)   spoonfulsofconfidence.wordpress.com

15)   sunkissedreformer.wordpress.com


So I take a leave by saying truck loads of thanks and wishing all the bloggers…“ A VERY HAPPY WRITING “


By Madhura



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I owe this…. to you……...

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Dark Days….

How would you feel if ” you were the reason for someone to cry every night “.

I hurt someone close the other day, yes i did it deliberately. It was my way to vent out my anger caused by that person.  But actually it was just not worth it.  I felt miserable when i went to bed and i could imagine the afflict & the anguish felt by the other person too.

I have also envisaged that how much ever i try to make up for my insensitive act later, it will not suffice, because the injured person does not want to be compensated but rather wants to be healed because he has been hurt.

The worse thing in life would be “you” being the reason for someone’s tears. If you cannot be a reason for someone’s delight at the least don’t be the reason for their grief.

If you wound someone, you not only give them hurt but you also give along some dark days ….like moments of pain & sadness..

People hurt you, they will… sometimes consciously sometimes by little ignorance, but it really does no good to give it back to them in any form. Specially if they are your closed ones then its like uprooting a tree & then trying to plant it up again.

Everyone is fighting their own battle. When you think you are struggling with your bitterness, ego & anger, always know, there are many people in the world who are striving to find little hopes & happiness in small things to maKe their life little more bearable. So let go the petty concerns even if it leads to big disappointments. You loose nothing by doing so.

By getting disappointed you loose nothing but by loosing people you loose everything.

Letting go your ego & anger is far much better than letting go the person. People, relations & love are very precious. If you are incapable of nurturing them you better be prepared to live alone in despair.
Hurt can be suffered alone but you need to SHARE happiness to feel it completely.


No matter how sharp a grievance or how deep YOUR hurt is,

But YOU should NEVER be a reason for someone’s  DARK DAYS….


By Madhura

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Modus Operandi for a great life….


Life is Beautiful….live it…..










I am willing to work for a fairly longer hours every day, yes i am, but only for the bested returns.
I expect an investment return with a little lesser risk compared to the market standard.
I want cent percent love,loyalty, dedication & care from my family friends partner & people in my life.
I wish God to be more generous to me relatively.
I want life to treat me fair.

If this is my inclination towards my return compensation towards anything i do , then trust me i am never going to be successful & content in my life with anything. Forget about being successful, i will not even climb the first footstep towards the terminology called success.
With such attitude my mental outlook is absolutely typically narrow & needs an immediate revision.












To achieve something one definitely has to pay a price but not always expecting the ultimatum only.

Brilliant work, jaw dropping ideas, hard-core efforts & splendid performance, equals to a great fortune & triumph but not necessarily in the first attempt. The attempts may be countless. But how patiently & consistently you walk the route map of success matters, because its complex. There is only one modus operandi for a successful life and that is going from failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm.
“The caliber of a person is not how well he prepares for everything to go right but how he stands up and moves on after everything has gone wrong.”

Universe never gives anything easily to anyone, specially when your desperation for that particular object is profuse. It examines & evaluates your attempts and pushes the probabilities farther more from you. It teases your confidence, plays with your efforts, try to break your plan and then if you pass the test it grants your goal & ambition to you in an arduous way.

The operating system of universe is very simple, it churns an individuals limit to an extent where the best of him is exposed and shines bright.

Few etiquettes for a great life :

# Your faith should be bigger than your fears.
# Don’t complicate things.
# Treat people incredibly well.
# Respond graciously to the inevitable curves in life.
# Innovate the way you run your life.
# Confront your limitations.
# Undying enthusiasm is the DNA for success.
# Life returns what you give it.
# To Forgive is to heal.
# Love unconditionally.
# Stay fit.
# The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.
# Have wisdom, Have ethics.
# Be generous.
# With better awareness you can make better choices.
# Have a ME TIME & a THINK TIME daily.

Well there are endless rules & axioms for a better living and for the good things in life but no one swimmed a river without getting wet. Its necessary for each one of us to experience failure, loss and downfall strongly & bravely.
Life cannot be lived by a set of rules or protocols, it is not a matter of milestones but of moments.



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“Interpretation of the Supernatural….. ”


He is Omnipresent !!!!!











Life is a continuum of various seasons and each living human finds his own source of faith & trust upon a supernatural power commonly known as GOD ( G-generator, O-operator, D-destroyer) which keeps him going through the shades of life.

He relies, speaks, complains, hopes and communicates with this powerful force consciously & subconsciously. This divine force has been the only distinct source of hope & gratification for each one of us. We surrender and collaborate with this divine influence for the contentment of our mind & soul. It is a clear matter of belief purely. If your faith in this belief is strong you survive the ordeal of life with lesser gravity and experience miracles, compared to a wavering faith which keeps us wandering aimlessly in this life’s voyage.

By Night, even an atheist half believes in God that strong & influential capacity the term GOD has in it.

Everyone has their own image of the almighty in their mind, like a picture, a deity, an idol, an experience, a miracle or a force and he practices his worship, conceiving that particular form.
In popular culture of debate with some sections of society the supernatural is whimsically associated with the paranormal.

But as everyone holds a visual of their God in their minds, similarly everyone has their own interpretation of the lord or the supernatural.

I personally envisage the absolute being in the form of our own perception. Like i perceive that ” You get what you give “. If you give the universe good it will give you the best and if you give out bad it will return you with the worse. A very plain logic.
If you give out laughter it is given back to you & if you hurt someone by your thoughtlessness or deliberate cruelty you will endure the same very sooner or later in some form but definitely you will. There is no escape from this natures rule.











I perceive my God in every good action, good thought & good deed towards a person, animal, insect or rather to any animate object though i am not always successful to be considerate to many a people and in many a circumstances. The temptation of being selfish, irrational is always strong from which you have to deviate with a lot of effort.
One receives strength & survive their tough times by an inner reservoir of faith on his maker which creates a strong spiritual connection. It absolutely makes life bearable & better.
As living beings we are designed not to trust anyone completely, a defense mechanism is fit in us biologically. Only humans have the ability of the thinking within the living species. An absolute assurance on the divine being in a way you annotate him, brings an ever lasting security and peace within you which in turn directs & sustains your life.

My interpretation of God varies from situations & circumstances but my faith in him never fluctuates because though it does not always make everything easier it definitely makes everything possible.



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