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#Loveeee ❀ strikes once..and if you let it go for any reason..you need to wait for a very long time for it to come back..or it may never return too…😒

So if you have Lovely people in your Lifeeee…..take care of them..Love them 😘 and neverrr let them go #

#Don’t leave me.. the way i left you…#

” I remember the time, so close & near

i could feel your breathe & ur love 😘 so clear….

The warmth in your πŸ˜— eyes, melted my heart

the touch of your fingers, was just the start….

You rushed by my side, to see me smile ☺

i was never alone, you were all the while….

For all the years, and for the love i strived

you 😘 always gave, a meaning to my life…

The sky was new..all bright & blue

Bring me back, what once was mine…

I wronged and broke & breached 😫 your trust

a blooming flower, beneath i crushed….

Empty i am, all broken πŸ’” inside

lost my love, away it flies…

Deep inside, its always you 😘

but please don’t leave, the way i left you….”

Madhu ❀

Pic Courtesy : pinterest


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# When two Lovers…are separated..there is a collision in the Sky…The Lovers yearn for those passionate momentssss..when they will meet again…deeply in to each others arms ….just as the Sky waits…to embrace the Earth at the Horizon……#


You & I will meet again…..

” You & I will meet again….
One day in a far off place
Where the Stars will shine….
The Moon will Light…
And the Wind will Laugh..
As the Sky will Smile …..

I will Recognise your face…
I will read your Mind…
I will Love your Heart…
Till the Sun will Rise….

I will hold your Tears….
I will press your Fears                                   
I will calm your mind
I will Ease your Pain
And You & I will Meet Again……..”


Pic Courtesy : pinterest

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” Love..is a famously fickle creature… the more u chase, the more it slips..& at times Ur heart can lie too !!!!!

Pretty Little Liar…my heart….


A little Yes..a little No
my crazy heart, there it goes
in love with him, & there it shows
says love him now & love him more.

When he looks at me, i turn my eyes
i hide my feelings, behind my smile
my cheeks blush,like a cherry red
my crazy hormones, now go wild.

A little truth..a little lie
up in the cloud, my excitement flies
a thrill I feel, all this while
my mind says, it’s a lie.

Beware it says..it’s a trick
people in love, loose their sense in this
it’s a bubble..which blooms & splits
the more you chase, the more it slips.

I told my mind, that my heart is right
love always wins & never fights
my mind grinned & smiled at me
the Heart is a Liar, it said & winked.

By Madhu

Pic courtesy : Google.

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