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​​All i wish for you…..❤

#When U Love😘 someone..You wish all the good for them…Their happy face 😚 & their happy smile, fills your life with Contentment & Joy…And the thought, that they are Happy & Safe…brings Peace to your Heart & Life…

” If only you could see, inside my heart

for just a moment or two

you might be thrilled to know

by what i wish for 😘 you.
I wish the sun, shines on you

when the lights of your life go dim

may all the stars shimmer & blink

when your smile feels dull😒& wimp…
I wish your days, turn long & bright 

& all your dreams come true

joy & cheers😋 fill your day

and doubts & worries be few….
May all the love😘 inside of me

fill your life with bliss

all your pain & all your fears

may run far way and hiss….
I wish to pull you close to me

i wish to hold your hand

i wish to never let you go…

coz you are the best, i have ever had….”
Madhu ❤❤

Pic Courtesy : pinterest 


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” Love..is a famously fickle creature… the more u chase, the more it slips..& at times Ur heart can lie too !!!!!

Pretty Little Liar…my heart….


A little Yes..a little No
my crazy heart, there it goes
in love with him, & there it shows
says love him now & love him more.

When he looks at me, i turn my eyes
i hide my feelings, behind my smile
my cheeks blush,like a cherry red
my crazy hormones, now go wild.

A little truth..a little lie
up in the cloud, my excitement flies
a thrill I feel, all this while
my mind says, it’s a lie.

Beware it says..it’s a trick
people in love, loose their sense in this
it’s a bubble..which blooms & splits
the more you chase, the more it slips.

I told my mind, that my heart is right
love always wins & never fights
my mind grinned & smiled at me
the Heart is a Liar, it said & winked.

By Madhu

Pic courtesy : Google.

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