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” Alright all will be…. “


“Some weak moments in our life make us more weaker but when we survive such tough times we not only become more strong, we become more human too “

" Tough Time !!!!    This too shall pass......"

” Tough Time !!!!
This too shall pass……


















” I wondered where the path ceased
I was tired of the walk
God kept hinting back at me
said don’t loose the hope & stop.


My eyes searched for a glimpse of light
my faith was shaking though
the lord above was kind enough
& carried me in my times of low.


My belief my faith kept sinking down
my strength was turning weak
& just when i thought was the end
he assured, it was the beginning.


And as tears rolled down my eyes
& smile faded from my lips
a polite whisper near to me
said, dont worry,alright all will be. ”


6th Dec 2012



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A lovely composition by  SHIL……


My dream..my hopes..my aspirations..My Life..

















Someday, Somewhere, Someplace, Somehow…..


I will sense back my broken dreams,

Who left me mid way un-cherished long ago.

No matter how I find them – ransacked or buried,

This time I will quench my thirst forever

and live it till I fill to brim of my desires.


Someday, Somewhere, Someplace, Somehow…..


I will murmur those long forgotten words

shattered, scrabbled and unuttered yet.

I will put them to rhyme by tying them with my feelings.

Poetry may not you call it

Yet I will bring them few magical sparks.


Someday, Somewhere, Someplace, Somehow…..


I will shiver again for the lost warmth,

of love, life and laughs.

Which long ago I lost mysteriously.

This time I will let my heart to precede my senses

and keep the flames live forever.


Someday, Somewhere, Someplace, Somehow…..


I will cry for those vanished lovely tears

Turbulent, trembling – touch of sovereign

Again I will be drenched in divine

Somewhere in deep, submerged in time; before drying,

My eyes will surely find tiny drops of rains


Someday, Somewhere, Someplace, Somehow…..





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I am a big time DOG LOVER !!!!.

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Come along……

Hold my hand and hold it tight,
lets visit a place of laughter & light
no worry no stress not even a thought
… come along and enjoy the ride.

Green grass, blue sky,gentle breeze
slide on the rainbow & float on the mist
look around to the birds who wave
come along there’s more of it.

Forget your worries & forget your pain
like snow, they drop and melt
laugh & relish the moments here
come along and enjoy the reign.

Trust me today and trust me ever
i’ll give you faith ,i’ll give you care
here you will find peace & joy
come along i promise you love forever.



Come along… love for ever…..

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Whatever You Think about –  Expands……..

Absolutely nothing to loose by doing a regular thinking activity.And an honourable thinking content will be definitely progressive.
Imperfection is a very common human attribute and it leads us to many mistakes, hurt, unpleasant experiences, down feelings and at times leaves a bland taste to our lives.

Sometimes in thorny situations our brain takes a back seat in thinking, reflecting pondering & rationalising.
So,Think !!!!! Think !!!!! and think !!!!! but think good. Coz a lot of good thinking will let you use you enthusiasm to give yourself a spark to move your life in forward gear.
They say never take a pill for the pain you need to feel. So embrace the pain, endure it and get over it !!!!

Happy state of mind is not a long term ambition and a little thinking to a happy approach changes the whole latitude & longitude of any hard situation.

Thoughts are like liquid when you pour it to outer surface it expands.

So absorb your thoughts spread it into your system and expand your horizon.


Good Think…………
Good Do……………..
Good Achieve………



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“Interpretation of the Supernatural….. ”


He is Omnipresent !!!!!











Life is a continuum of various seasons and each living human finds his own source of faith & trust upon a supernatural power commonly known as GOD ( G-generator, O-operator, D-destroyer) which keeps him going through the shades of life.

He relies, speaks, complains, hopes and communicates with this powerful force consciously & subconsciously. This divine force has been the only distinct source of hope & gratification for each one of us. We surrender and collaborate with this divine influence for the contentment of our mind & soul. It is a clear matter of belief purely. If your faith in this belief is strong you survive the ordeal of life with lesser gravity and experience miracles, compared to a wavering faith which keeps us wandering aimlessly in this life’s voyage.

By Night, even an atheist half believes in God that strong & influential capacity the term GOD has in it.

Everyone has their own image of the almighty in their mind, like a picture, a deity, an idol, an experience, a miracle or a force and he practices his worship, conceiving that particular form.
In popular culture of debate with some sections of society the supernatural is whimsically associated with the paranormal.

But as everyone holds a visual of their God in their minds, similarly everyone has their own interpretation of the lord or the supernatural.

I personally envisage the absolute being in the form of our own perception. Like i perceive that ” You get what you give “. If you give the universe good it will give you the best and if you give out bad it will return you with the worse. A very plain logic.
If you give out laughter it is given back to you & if you hurt someone by your thoughtlessness or deliberate cruelty you will endure the same very sooner or later in some form but definitely you will. There is no escape from this natures rule.











I perceive my God in every good action, good thought & good deed towards a person, animal, insect or rather to any animate object though i am not always successful to be considerate to many a people and in many a circumstances. The temptation of being selfish, irrational is always strong from which you have to deviate with a lot of effort.
One receives strength & survive their tough times by an inner reservoir of faith on his maker which creates a strong spiritual connection. It absolutely makes life bearable & better.
As living beings we are designed not to trust anyone completely, a defense mechanism is fit in us biologically. Only humans have the ability of the thinking within the living species. An absolute assurance on the divine being in a way you annotate him, brings an ever lasting security and peace within you which in turn directs & sustains your life.

My interpretation of God varies from situations & circumstances but my faith in him never fluctuates because though it does not always make everything easier it definitely makes everything possible.



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