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​#Have you ever been cheated…i hope you are not….One of the most disloyal act, which completely breaks & damages the other person😣..a wound that heals with time…but leaves a painful scar😢 #

❤Lovers dont Cheat…& Cheaters dont Love…❤

” Everyday as you stepped out

i knew where your steps would lead

i knew the walk in the park was a lie

a lie that killed my 😒 dreams..
Your meetings increased day by day

and so does the fondness in your heart

i waited endlessly for the nights to end

as i lay helplessly alone in the bed…
My heart broke 😢 without a loud noise

but the wounds were skin deep

the music in your life was loud & fun

& you chose not to hear my silent scream…
Then one day i saw her in your arms

filled with love & care

i knew it was all my fault 😥

i should have long back set you free…
I packed my fears then

as i gathered my fading faith

the love in my heart cried

as i walked out with my pride…
Madhu ❤


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# UNFAITHFULNESS….is a very bad virtue….DON’T DO IT….DON’T ACCEPT IT….It Hurts terribly..Breaks you..and many a times..Damages you too…
Walking out over the person is the best thing you can do… to YOURSELF….#


" Dont leave me...."

“I can see him dying everyday
i can see the pain in his eyes
i don’t want to do this anymore
i don’t want to take away his pride…..

It was all good in the past
it was all that i had ever want
it all got swept away
the love the vow the cord….

May be it was the long distance
may be it was the space beyond
may be it was my loneliness
as i stride towards the other bond….

I know it kills him each day
as i get ready for another date
i know that he knows
i am faithful no more….

I know i am wrong
as i say, it wont be long
because we both know
as i walk out of the door….”


Pic courtesy : pinterest

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