#Slut Shamed😪#

#Slut Shamed😪#

” This ME TOO campaign is inspiring🙂 & depressing at the same time. And it’s not about a Woman or a Man, it’s about being a victim😪 to such Sexual Perverts who happily flatter their fantasies to boost their Fragile Ego🙄

” It was a everyday walk at my stop
When I caught😯 him leching at me
He looked at me with greed
Like a beast hungry for a meat.

He winked😉 at me vulgarly
And gave me a kinky smile
Then a little nasty whistle
I was afraid🙁 for a while.

I walked away quickly then
His thoughts did scare😨 me
What if he comes again
And graze & gropes me.

Next day he brushed his hands over me
As i felt his vulgar touch😖
I turned around quick enough
But he grabbed and squeezed my butt.

I froze from head to toe
As I cried😰 & looked for help
He laughed at me like crazy
I was embarssed of my own self.

For days I didn’t go out
I didn’t feel good just😒
I was guilty of my own body
I was a victim of a man’s Lust.

I decided to stand tall
And not to sulk anymore
I had to defeat😤 this pervert
And show him the hell door.

I stood on the stop now
Wearing my ironed pride
He too was standing there
Slut shaming😖 me with delight.

I grabbed him😡 by his neck
And kicked his groin quite hard
I pushed him to the ground
I hurt him again on that part.

He screached😩 aloud with pain
And tried to make a run
I cluched his shirt so tight
I made him pay for his fun “.

By Madhura ❤️❤️

Pic Courtesy : pinterest


#PEDOPHILE👺 and CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE😖 – a Serious Threat & Terror to every Parent today#

The world is full of Good & Bad and Right & Wrong. Knowing the difference and behaving appropriately is Wisdom😊, but unfortunately, not all want to follow the Wisdom path but rather choose immorality to support & comfort their uncivil erratic blasphemous behavior.

Being a mommy to a toddler, my concern😓 for my childs safety keeps on rapidly increasing on infinite factor’s. My various gimmicks to protect my child is a continuous process. With news and social media flooded with PEDOPHILE’S and CHILD SEXUAL ABUSER my doubts, apprehension and worries are giving me constant distress & uneasiness😓.

An ADULT DESIRING a sexual contact with a prebuscent child especially under the age of 13 irrespective of the gender of the child and then deliberately ACTING upon it, is a PEDOPHILE. They are bloody PSYCHO’S😠 who not only need immediate “Clinical Treatment” but are also entitled to brutal and merciless punishment.
Disastrously😫 our country was not in very good terms when it came to giving punishments to these dreadful creatures but recently there has been a verdict for CAPITAL PUNISHMENT straight away for Pedophiles & Rapists(Conditions applied). Sighhhh🙄🙄
But the danger is not yet outsighted, these child abuser’s are in trillions & gazillions and innocent children are an easy prey to their filthy intentions and desires.
So as a parent or a guardian what do we do to protect our children from this horrendous people🤔.

1) BELIEVE YOUR CHILD👶- Don’t do that mistake of ignoring a child’s complaint in any form. If you, as a parent wouldn’t trust what they say, then who will. How much ever false or made up you think their stories are, be ALERT. That would definitely save a disaster.

2) AWARENESS & EXPLANATION – I know it’s practically impossible to explain🤔 a toddler about a Sexual act, forget about awareness then. Noooo you still would have to work your wits out🤨 to tell them that no one except their mom and dad are allowed to touch their sensitive parts(and that too only in specific situations like bathing & injury) , not even their siblings can touch them there. Tell them a STANGER touching them inappropriately is a Monster Alien👽 who would hurt them, abduct them & take them far away from their Mommy.
If they don’t remember a school assignment is OK but forgetting the above lesson will harm them & their Mommy too. This will at the least make the child a little CAUTIOUS.

3) NOT FALLING PREY TO THREATENING & BULLYING – Every child is innocent. You threaten them & they get flagerblasted, scared , depressed. And more if they are threatened for their parents, siblings or any near ones. Assure them that you are forever by their side😊 to believe them, protect them & LOVE ❤️ them no matter what.

4) GET REAL & PROACTIVE👍 PLEASE – For God’s sake, Your sake, for your Child’s😘 sake don’t ever think that such incidents would never occur with your child. Get REAL PLEASE, your child can be attacked by anyone, anytime & any where. So be PROACTIVE everyday & convince your child to ellaborately tell you about their day out specially when the child is out of your sight. And if you smell😶 the slightest of discomfort or danger, put on your running shoes and get into ACTION. Don’t delay and pleaseeeeee don’t PROCRASTINATE 😴.

5) BE AWARE OF CHILD & SAFETY LAWS – Yesss you will have to do that, study that, inspite of you finding it boring 😏 or tedious. Be aware of the current LAWS protecting a Child or a victim in Sexual Assault . This will EMPOWER you and make you more confident & vigilant.

6) SELF DEFENCE LESSONS👻 – Instead of getting into the educational system trap of competitiveness, of who scores more in the exams and sending your child to 4 different tutions, alter their timetable & send them to a TAEKWONDO🤺 class. Sounds funny ?? Get SERIOUS. At the least your child will be fit, active and will kick🤸 some asses how ineffective it may be, but still building up their CONFIDENCE😊. And yes tell your child never to be ashamed of creating a HAVOC if they find themselves in a defenceless situation. It will gather crowd and things may not go far & damaging.

7) BE READY TO KICK SOME ASS – Don’t you watch action movie guys ???. Gear up then. If need arises to protect your child, go get FIT, get some KARATE tips and kick the balls out of the offender😡.

Phewww😥 I Seriously am shit scared & shaking inside thinking about such stuff’s. Imagine a child going through it. It’s so Physically & Psychologically damaging😣 for them.
I conclude by saying that you as a Parent or if not even a Parent to anyone, if you know or come across such situation or any innocent child victim or any Terrified parents, be a HELP to them. Because you never know you could be GOD SENT😇 to them.

By Madhura ❤️❤️

Pic Courtesy – pinterest

You😊 are supposed to walk away from anyone who is a threat to your dignity even if you love❤️ them like hell. It’s not healthy for your well being. It drags you down & makes you believe that you are not good enough for your self. So staighten your slipping 👑 Crown & walk away with Grace.

” He looked into my eyes
To bid me good bye
He kissed me on my lips
Said it was the last as I cried😢.

He flipped my hair
And wiped my 😪tears
I could feel his breath
As he held me near.

I asked why he’s leaving
Is there any fault of mine
My love❤️ is loyal
And eternal beyond time.

He didn’t reply
He didn’t say a word
He stood there still
And nothing I heard.

I then restrained my ache
And calmed my heart❤️
I ceased my tears
And kept them apart.

Why should I burn my self
With pain and fear
For the one who is leaving
And doesn’t even care.

I stared deep into him
As I straightened my 👑 crown
I walked away with strength
From the man who put me down “.

By Madhura ❤️❤️

#A little Flirting❤️ is Fantastic for your mental health…Seriously !!! You can bet on me for that😁, but definitely not the cheap flirt & but of course with that winsome person. Look at my pic below, i am so happy😊 with my guy’s attempt to flirt with me… that I am all dressed up, beaming☺️ and trying to be a poser…lolzzzz😁
Thats what flirting does to you..it thrills you, excites you and makes you happy about yourself#

“You wink😉 at me as I shy at you
I am flaming from head to toe
you are wooing me with all your tricks
and all over the mischief😋 flows.

You tickle my waist & arouse me😚close
as intensely it begins
you tease😛 me as I push you back
increasing the desires within.

Your flirty pecks💋 on my cheeks
make me swirl round and round
your tipsy eyes, your tempting lips
my heart❤️ jumps up and pound.

Your irresistible touch, your steamy kiss
I fly up on cloud nine
you make me feel on top of the world
as I blush☺️ at your naughty smile.

By Madhura ❤ ❤

Pic Courtesy: pinterest

A Longggg and a Late post

#The old Church⛪ with the Green gate and new Red Roof❤️#

Since I shifted to this new home at Chattisgarh, I didn’t actually liked anything here accept the big airy house. Being from Mumbai and never actually reisided anywhere else I was utterly uncomfortable, confused and agitated to this unfamiliar and no Mumbai place.
The only best thing I liked at my new house were the two big balconies…spacious, airy and breathy. 😊
And just straight from one of the roomy balcony of the master bedroom where I spend my maximum time loitering around, I have been seeing this Church just across the fresh green field visible from my home.

At first it seemed like a horror flick where u stay in a big house, aloof locality, no people around and then a old Church or a temple far off. This is exactly my case. I am alone the whole day with my kiddo. Big house though not scary and aloof locality.And then this church across the green field. Kripa has to be away for amost a week in a month for official trip. So the thought of the church around my house was a big comforting factor to my aloness, specially during the long dreary😧 nights.
The Cross light was always lit throughout the silent night assuring it’s presence.

The roof was getting repaired when I came in April. The Church seemed pretty old & only few people visited except some bunch of little children. Somehow that was the only interesting thing I could see from my home apart from bungalows around with shut doors & windows and of course Buffaloes, grazing cows, barking dogs, flying 🐦 birds, on time school kids from my locality and the clear blue sky.
Few days I saw the roof repairing being done. Then I got busy with arranging my home, getting a hang of the place, my kiddo & I somehow completely forgot about the Church thing. Then after around 2 weeks, lingering in the balcony with a cuppa coffee I saw and booom the roof was all bright RED, the gate was repainted GREEN, few things were fixed up and the Church had a bit of a makeover. It shone bright & was beaming 😊. Following days were followed by me keeping an alert eye on the development of the church. Now the crowd was increasing too apart from the children toying there.
To my own amusement, somehow we overlook the things which call us for some very purpose.
But here I couldn’t see any purpose or objective. A mother of a toddler who is clinging like a Monkey the whole day, draining away your energy & no ME space & above all being in a new non metro place..pheeww😤..I was sinking like Titanic.
Strolling 😊 in the evening with the kiddo was the only outing during the week, and Sundays were meant for multitasking, cleaning, cooking delicacy, shopping chaotic dinner, kiddos unending ranting 😁 & a whole lot of tiredness..ufffff I already feel so energyless🙄.
So coming back to my daily interest, one day I randomly decided to pay a visit to this old beautiful Church during the evening stroll.
I took my kiddo in his stroller, all geared up to explore and inspect.. Walked some few steps strutting through the green field & managing my son’s stroller on the uneven path I finally reached my chasing destination.

To my not so surprised outcome, the church seemed pretty old, been built approximately some few years back, muddy path, smell of old worn out paint, not so shabby fence but definitely serene and fresh breezy positive vibes.
As expected the beautiful calm Christ statue stood undisturbed & Welcoming every one with open arms, wooden benches for you to lean and pray. Lit candles all around to restore your faith in God and the old Catholic typical churchy decor completed the Church’s existence.

What amused me was a group of poor neighborhood children around 30 of them, been taught their school lessons, that would be the daily tutions from a gentleman named Mr. Ram Avadh Pandey, a Hindu & a native of Uttar Pradesh and is a School teacher. It seems he’s been teaching the neighbouring poor kids in the church, absolutely free for amost a decade now. Catholic church, Hindu Teacher and children from diversed backgrounds.

I was going Woww.. Amazinggggg 😊. My Faith in Humanity restored… He teaches them with no cost as the kids cannot afford school. This church was absolutely doing a wonderful job by offering space for educating and helping these kids and allowing a non Catholic gentleman to teach. It was a very respectful thing on this gentlemans part to take out time to educate and encourage the underprivileged kids to make their life little better..
What more could I learn there. Exchanged some few words of appreciation with this gentleman for the wonderful selfless job he is doing, sat their for a while, experienced some peace & wisdom, did some soul searching and walked out of the church which I see from my balcony with the new red roof and the green gate with a reminder about a new perspective about Lifeeee…
That share what you have in abundance, stretch your hand to a needy, focus on helping😊 rather than sulking and mostly have love in your heart to see how beautiful life is and to try to make someone’s life more bearable & Liveable..

By Madhura ❤ ❤

Mortal Sin😔

#Sexual assualt & Rape incidents are very hard to hear 😢, specially Child Abuse. 53.22 % of children in India face Sexual abuse. The figures are indeed alarming & very disturbing. With so many undetected Rapists moving freely, when a detected accused is punished, the Faith in that Country’s Law is restored #

” I lay on the floor with my disgusted thoughts 😖
tears flowing down my cheeks
few days left
and then I will perish.

A sin done in a spur of Fun
alone I am now & and no one with me
mind filled with shame & 😓 guilt
nothing can be done, just regret I feel.

No one talks to me
no one comes near
disgracefully 😡 people look
and some with fear.

I remember that night
while hanging out with friends
cheap and casual attitude
and thrill in the air.

We were discussing 👩women
their body and curves
talking about sex
our passion and lust.

Eroticism filled our mind
with the urge to satisfy
the beast within was awakened
we didn’t hold our craze nor we tried.

A little girl begging on the street
approached us with hope 😪
our intentions wicked, our mind foul
we shut her mouth & we pulled her close.

She screamt she😰cried
she struggled for release
we held her tight
as we dragged her and seized.

We tied her mouth,
her hands and legs
helplessly she cried
and mercilessly we raped.

One by one turn by turn
we forced ourselves on her
each one took his own pleasure
and all of us satisfied our thirst.

This filthy 😣 behaviour
this immoral deed
we degraded our soul
our quest sordid.

On the ground she lay
moaning with pain 😞
half conscious & half dead
crying with affliction
then the girl lay dead.

We all were terrified
a chill ran through our spine
we didn’t know what to do
though we escaped but nothing turned fine.

Her corpse was discovered
while the news spread like fire
enough proof was found to prosecute us
behind the bars now we were in😪 tears.

We cried and begged for lenity
While our Sin took it’s turn
the Law didn’t pity
and ordered for our shun.

Now I lay on the floor & wait for my end
the day for me, to be hanged till death
my family embarrassed & ashamed of me
I plead for my life and regret for my Sin ”

By Madhura❤❤

Pic Courtesy: pinterest

When I was Friend zoned 😳😭

#Loveee😘 is so stunningg that its makes your brains mechanism go haywire. Everything about him looked so fabulous that i started romanticising😘 with him to an extent that I overlooked, that he is not in loveee❤ with me…
In love, your sophisticated ability to think rational becomes naive. You just don’t get the hints 😐#

” I landed up being in love one day
Where i found him 😍 very amazed, i say
His voice was rich his tone was high
I was completely bowled over & slayed.

We talked we walked we laughed we smiled 😊
The more he looked the more I shyed
All was right & love ❤ shone bright
My heart melted and time flied.

Then one day, he saw her😘 as she walked with grace
His Jaws dropped when he saw😍 her face
Elegant she was he wished she was his
He fell for her and quietly I wept.

I was nothing more than a pal to him
He would never be mine, my hope gone 😔 dim
Dreams were fazed & love was gone
I asked God for what went wrong.

He talked about her all the time
My voice choked my tears😪 dried
I was friend zoned & was nothing more
I laughed out loud 😂 & walked off the door “.

Madhura ❤❤

Pic Courtesy: pinterest.

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