#Don’t Thrash your Ego😎#

Never underestimate your Ego. Don’t over boost it but don’t thrash it either.
My temperament is bit on the sharper side🙄 and I can hardly put up with people’s shit. As I am maturing with age I prefer everything to be Black or White. Please no Grey. Either be totally good or be impeccably fake at it with me. I know it sounds brutal but I have learnt it a hard way😣 to keep up with my dignity.

I am a late learner and I was a doormat for half of my life for folks I loved. I could take any garbage they gave me just because i didn’t wanted to loose out on them😥. I valued people more than my morality. My emotions always overpowered my intellect & that’s when I gave people multiple opportunities to blemish me. That’s my fault totally😒.

I was submissive and it took me a hell lot of time and 30 plus years to stand up for myself. But that wasn’t easy😓.
You have to be ready to be abandoned because the day you stop taking bullshit is when people will spontaneously disregard you.
It’s difficult😕 to take no nonsense from your loved ones. It’s easy with other people, you can cut them off but with your family, friends & close acquaintances it takes a lot of diligence and efforts.
After loosing out on a couple of good friends who didn’t think twice before puncturing my trust and a catastrophic heart break 💔 that I finally decided to let go off my good side.

Intially I did it with agony & apprehensions but when you do what makes you happy😊, it becomes painless & effortless.
Though I was surrounded by strong personalities including a prideful mother I myself wasn’t able to pull off🙁. You have to swim through the waters to get through. So when my ego and pride was conveniently crushed & after huge damages that I got hold of my honour😤.

Once a Mistake, twice is a Choice but one who learns from others mistakes is WISE😏.
And sometimes a punch in the face is all you need to see things clearly. That was my case. I let loose my pride that cost me my honour. But then there is always a chance to change & make things right for yourself😊.

By Madhura ❤️❤️

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#hello winter❤️#

#hello winter❤️#

The winter🧣sneaked in at my side of planet few weeks back. Basking in the sun early morning where the sun rays gently peck your body to give you it’s warmth, is my favorite part of the day😋. It’s that time when I am the most unruffled & fresh. Nothing in the world can beat soaking in the sun on a cold misty morning.

Snugging, cuddling & basking are the perks winter gives you. So I enjoy it to the fullest till the season lasts😊.
And don’t forget, Love stories💘 mostly happen in winters because your heart is rejoiced and needs a hell lot of bodily warmth, hence tuning your brain mechanism on the romantic side to coy around with your loved one😘.The Fresh fluffy quilts, cottony clothes and Woolley apparels, warm and cozy up my home.
I loved scented candles so they are lit early mornings & late evenings adding a soothing fragrance to my heart & home & elevate my mood instantly.

My birthday🎂 too falls during the winter time giving me more reasons for celebrations & decor.
Going to a restaurant on a late chilly evening, covered with the thickest clothing keeping you warm underneath & relishing the mouth watering hot spicy food is the bestest part of my winter😊. And I just cannot drop my anxiety in this lovely weather.

The berley jackets🧥, long sweaters, woolly socks🧦, fluffy fleecy quilts, furry slippers have been taken out of the closet and cozying our bodies & home.
My kiddo is Woolly sloshed from head to toe & trifling around in the house, though the balcony is a big No No, due to the cold breeze flowing through out the day.
But frequent rounds in the balcony is a must for me, to soak up the sun🌞, to water the plants🌱 and to breathe in some fresh crisp air into my system. The foggy climate from my balcony is such a big delight to the eyes😍 during the dawn.

Having spend my entire life in Bombay where you hardly encounter the cold season, I should admit that I am totally in awe☺️ here in Rajasthan, where I currently reside because the cold weather here is an absolute pleasure to dig in.

Having said, a freshly brewd Coffee☕ is always on my table, whenever i need to sip in some hot caffeine in this frozing temperature. And some cashew butter cookies🍪 for a bite is never a no in this winter wonderland.
Late evenings are always Cozily spent sipping coffee☕ or ginger tea and tuning into some good music🎶. It’s a chirpy time with my hubby conversing about how we spent our entire day & also is his play time with our kiddo, who is super excited😎 to meet daddy dear after the long arctic hours.
Dinners are a bit early as the fog presides in our balcony, chilling the whole house & we are grasping to get into our respective quilts😁.
I crush on this Sweater Weather because it’s also a month of Christmas🎄 to add to the glory oozing with colourful lights and carnival mood☺️.
It’s a season of Cold hands, Warm hearts☺️, Cuddles & Eskimo kisses😘.

In Winters
# days get colder
# lights get brighter⭐
# sweaters🧥 get bigger
# books get thicker
# blankets gets larger
# snuggling🤗 gets nicer and
# hearts❤️ get closer.

Happy Winter🧣 to All..

By Madhura ❤️❤️

#My World of Books📚 and Poetrys😊#

Books have always been my first Loveeee😘. I loved reading books since I was in Class One, when my Uncle gifted me a bunch of Fairy Tales & Animal story books on my Birthday, like Little Red Riding Hood, Cindrella, The Three little Pigs and so many of them.

The world of books fascinted☺️ me so much, that ever since, I have a huge collection of them. I don’t read Novels, I don’t have that kind of patience in me😛. Though I read broadly everything under the Sun, from Romance, home decor, carpentry, fashion,fiction,technology, politics but I mostly love reading stories specially based on real lives & events. I find it more connecting😊.

And because of my love for reading, I started writing poetrys too, since I was in Class 3. I have a collection of around more than 300 poetrys today and the count is still on😋.
I write blogs too but I am more of a poetic person. You can checkout my stuff on http://www.dabholkarmadhura.wordpress.com.

Now its quiet a time, i wasn’t able to read anything since the birth of my Son Aditya❤️. But yesterday while running through my closet, I found this# Chicken Soup for the Soul# kept beneath my clothes very neatly & safely. I was so overjoyed😁 to find it. About this book, there are basically a lot of series of it, Like Romantic soul😘 Friendship , Pet Lovers Soul, Mother’s Soul, Father’s Soul, Sibling Soul,Teenage Soul, Prisoners Soul, Old age Soul and a lot of it. You should give it a try once. Stories about various emotions of people and life changing experiences 😊. Such stories brings you more closer to Humanity, Compassion & Kindness😊.
You can check out on http://www.Chickensoup.com

The edition right now I have is ” Home Sweet Home”.
This “Home Sweet Home”series is bit more closer to my heart because it’s the first gift by Kripa while we were dating, though I forced him to buy that for me 😁 and it was just a month before our marriage. A dream to build a Home together😘 came true just like the stories in the book. It’s about experiences people have with their homes like finding the perfect dream house, renovating it, memories of childhood, marriage, babies and many such wonderful moment’s😋.

About my inclination with books, there was always some sort of a book in my hand through out school, college, at my desk in office and now in my kitchen too.

Reading books give me Sanctity☺️ and they are one among my priced possession for Lifeeee. Books, Words and the world of Poetry’s are apparently a part of me & me a part of them😊.

By Madhura ❤️❤️

#Stranded ❤️#

#Stranded ❤️#.

“And then one day, he took me to our lovely favourite spot, a beautiful lake with white lotuses, pink delicate flowers🌷, serene water, lush green trees and breezy flowy air. A place🌾 where we had spent endless beautiful evenings holding hands and buried into each other’s arms😘. How safe, content and peaceful I felt there. The most secured place on the planet for me😊.

It was just another meet but this time after three weeks a bit more longer than usual, he had been to his home town then. It was always a lot of excitement😋 after a long awaited wait to meet each other and staying apart. The anticipation was overwhelming☺️. But this time it was different. I could feel some seriousness in his tone, he had slowed down a bit, smiled less😏, was in a hurry and was keenly desperate to break the news.
” I got Engaged” he said.

There was a sudden numbness😒 around my surroundings and in my entire body, the moment I heard it from his mouth. I kept gazing at him blankly.
Everything took a halt. A wave of anxiety gushed through me. I felt Cold. My heart started beating rapidly as if it would explode anytime. My throat went parched dry and I couldn’t move my feet. I couldn’t utter a word for a while, because there was a concussion in my brain and I sat there motionless. Our whole existence seemed to be a Lie😢.
Everything crashed down right in front of my eyes & also deep within my soul and I didn’t know what to do, to bring him back.

I was shivering inside literally with the thought and fear😪 of living without him. I felt I was left alone between an ocean on a pitch dark night, heading nowhere but still sailing & crashing the piercing wind.
How I wish it was a bad dream and when I open my eyes, I would have him😘 forever the way I was so assured of.
But neither it was a Dream nor it was a Lie.

This was some 10 years back. But till date it gives me jitters & fright🙄, thinking about those heart wrenching lonley days which turned into months and years, where I was left alone thinking, wondering , emotionally bleeding, scared, heartbroken💔 that how could he leave me in between stranded, when all my belief about Love was Him and only him.

I was depressed😣 for years together and I never felt a jolt of joy for the longest time. Where he setup a new life , I was stuck in my old self old memories of him and how he conveniently chose someone else over me😪. The reason maybe what so ever. I just couldn’t get over it for more than around 4000 days, maybe more.
My fault. I should have moved on. I tried but the hurt didn’t heal, it was so deep, painful and paralyzing😒.

It was like staying in a black hole. Trust me the pain never subsided. I just know how to deal with it better each day☹️.

Where it was his beautiful beginning together with somebody else but not me. Mine was a start of a lonely journey😔, endless unanswered questions, no apologies and a far off dream to start anew”.
And they call it LOVE😘😢.

By Madhura ❤️❤️

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#Life is Unfair & Harsh😓 to a lot of people. Not everyone is Fortunate to have a Good, Comfortable & Dignified Life.
On Humanity grounds we are responsible for contributing to make our surroundings a better place for People & animals around us🙂#.
If we are unable to help anyone & make a difference, at least let’s put an effort to make it more Livable for other’s😊.

I wish the GOD’S come down….

“Sad😒 is the air, when you see the misery around
a blind eye given to the hungry beside
you walk through the path & ignore the sight
when a homeless needs,a roof to reside.

A little girl runs and begs on the road
her sparkly eyes🙂, desires for more
a doll she wants to embrace & hold
alas, her foot bare & rags are her clothes.

The weak walks, with fear😨 in his mind
his head down and tears in his eyes😥
slashed & diced, is his dignity & pride
a rich has kicked & pushed him aside.

Injustice prevailed and has won the fight
laughs at the poor, with a slyish smile😜
the greedy and the mean, stare & frown
cruelty has put, humanity down😖.

I wish the God’s come down, in a quick
lay their eyes on the needy & the weak
touch the wounds of the grieved & feels
I wish the God’s walk across to them and heals🤗.

By Madhura ❤️❤️

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The Last Kiss❤️

#Don’t know why but how I wish😊, kisses lasted for ever😘. Silently they speak about your Spirit of Loveee, your Oomph for Passion and your Blaze for your partner#.

The last kiss❤️.

“Our breaths entwined each other
Before the long awaited kiss
We held🤗 each other so tight
It was meant to be our last kiss.

Not only did our lips😘 meet
But also did our souls greet
Everything around was so quiet
We could listen to our heart beat.

The ecstasy☺️ our mind felt
Was more than our bodies could hold
We were soaked in each other so deep
It was much more sensuous😘 & bold.

Our lips melted into each other
As a petal and dew meet
Two bodies beacame one soul
Before the last kiss ❤️”.

By Madhura ❤️ ❤️

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#Slut Shamed😪#

#Slut Shamed😪#

” This ME TOO campaign is inspiring🙂 & depressing at the same time. And it’s not about a Woman or a Man, it’s about being a victim😪 to such Sexual Perverts who happily flatter their fantasies to boost their Fragile Ego🙄

” It was a everyday walk at my stop
When I caught😯 him leching at me
He looked at me with greed
Like a beast hungry for a meat.

He winked😉 at me vulgarly
And gave me a kinky smile
Then a little nasty whistle
I was afraid🙁 for a while.

I walked away quickly then
His thoughts did scare😨 me
What if he comes again
And graze & gropes me.

Next day he brushed his hands over me
As i felt his vulgar touch😖
I turned around quick enough
But he grabbed and squeezed my butt.

I froze from head to toe
As I cried😰 & looked for help
He laughed at me like crazy
I was embarssed of my own self.

For days I didn’t go out
I didn’t feel good just😒
I was guilty of my own body
I was a victim of a man’s Lust.

I decided to stand tall
And not to sulk anymore
I had to defeat😤 this pervert
And show him the hell door.

I stood on the stop now
Wearing my ironed pride
He too was standing there
Slut shaming😖 me with delight.

I grabbed him😡 by his neck
And kicked his groin quite hard
I pushed him to the ground
I hurt him again on that part.

He screached😩 aloud with pain
And tried to make a run
I cluched his shirt so tight
I made him pay for his fun “.

By Madhura ❤️❤️

Pic Courtesy : pinterest

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