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#Loveeee ❤ strikes once..and if you let it go for any reason..you need to wait for a very long time for it to come back..or it may never return too…😢

So if you have Lovely people in your Lifeeee…..take care of them..Love them 😘 and neverrr let them go #

#Don’t leave me.. the way i left you…#

” I remember the time, so close & near

i could feel your breathe & ur love 😘 so clear….

The warmth in your 😗 eyes, melted my heart

the touch of your fingers, was just the start….

You rushed by my side, to see me smile ☺

i was never alone, you were all the while….

For all the years, and for the love i strived

you 😘 always gave, a meaning to my life…

The sky was new..all bright & blue

Bring me back, what once was mine…

I wronged and broke & breached 😫 your trust

a blooming flower, beneath i crushed….

Empty i am, all broken 💔 inside

lost my love, away it flies…

Deep inside, its always you 😘

but please don’t leave, the way i left you….”

Madhu ❤

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​​All i wish for you…..❤

#When U Love😘 someone..You wish all the good for them…Their happy face 😚 & their happy smile, fills your life with Contentment & Joy…And the thought, that they are Happy & Safe…brings Peace to your Heart & Life…

” If only you could see, inside my heart

for just a moment or two

you might be thrilled to know

by what i wish for 😘 you.
I wish the sun, shines on you

when the lights of your life go dim

may all the stars shimmer & blink

when your smile feels dull😒& wimp…
I wish your days, turn long & bright 

& all your dreams come true

joy & cheers😋 fill your day

and doubts & worries be few….
May all the love😘 inside of me

fill your life with bliss

all your pain & all your fears

may run far way and hiss….
I wish to pull you close to me

i wish to hold your hand

i wish to never let you go…

coz you are the best, i have ever had….”
Madhu ❤❤

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# My Love ❤ story didn’t start on a very good note 😏..a long dislike first..then a small encounter…instant falling in Lovee 😍…then datingg 😘…engagement 💍 & then the D day !!! #

# Love stories 😘 are my favoured subject to talk on..i love reading them..hearing them from people and of course playing a cupid 💘 whenever possible…It brightens my mood & heart…#
# Romanceeee…😘is Beauty Personified in this dull # Lifeeeee….& Love storiessss are Rainbowsssss….they make a dim day Brightttt 🎉🎊…..#

” All love ❤ stories are beautiful..but mine is my Favourite 😊…”

” The sight of you
set anger in my heart
i wish i could torment you
and see you depart….

But oh i wish 
this could be true
the more i hated you
the more of you i liked 😊…

It seemed foolish
it seemed wrong
stupid & crazy
it felt totally odd.

My heart 💜pumped fast
my head spinned wild
is it love
or a trick of my mind…

You crossed me once
as we walked our path
our eyes met 😍
and so did our heart…

I gave away my heart
you gave away yours
our love story 😚 began 
a wonderful start….

The days pass by
the time flies high
every moment with you
is a wonderful 😚 delight “

Madhu ❤❤

Pic Courtesy : pinterest. 

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# UNFAITHFULNESS….is a very bad virtue….DON’T DO IT….DON’T ACCEPT IT….It Hurts terribly..Breaks you..and many a times..Damages you too…
Walking out over the person is the best thing you can do… to YOURSELF….#


" Dont leave me...."

“I can see him dying everyday
i can see the pain in his eyes
i don’t want to do this anymore
i don’t want to take away his pride…..

It was all good in the past
it was all that i had ever want
it all got swept away
the love the vow the cord….

May be it was the long distance
may be it was the space beyond
may be it was my loneliness
as i stride towards the other bond….

I know it kills him each day
as i get ready for another date
i know that he knows
i am faithful no more….

I know i am wrong
as i say, it wont be long
because we both know
as i walk out of the door….”


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# When two Lovers…are separated..there is a collision in the Sky…The Lovers yearn for those passionate momentssss..when they will meet again…deeply in to each others arms ….just as the Sky waits…to embrace the Earth at the Horizon……#


You & I will meet again…..

” You & I will meet again….
One day in a far off place
Where the Stars will shine….
The Moon will Light…
And the Wind will Laugh..
As the Sky will Smile …..

I will Recognise your face…
I will read your Mind…
I will Love your Heart…
Till the Sun will Rise….

I will hold your Tears….
I will press your Fears                                   
I will calm your mind
I will Ease your Pain
And You & I will Meet Again……..”


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” I bet Life will have a crush on YOU….. “

" I bet like me..Life has fallen in love wit U "

” I bet like me..Life has fallen in love with U “













Let’s walk hand in hand
It’s a beautiful you, it’s a beautiful me
Its a beautiful life together
And create moments of U & ME…..

We will put our steps ahead
And hold our hands tight
trust the depth of my emotions
And I will show you the meaning of LIFE…..

Put your fears aside
they will rise & quickly fall
just look into my eyes
And believe the truth in my VOICE…….

Surrender all your worries to me
i will cover them with hope & faith
let the reason for your life renew
And I bet, life will have a crush on YOU…..

By Madhura

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