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Moving with the rhythm of my heart  !!!!












Given a thought on some emotions of life, many a times we dont have control over them ,then later there’s a landscape change in our life  & ourselves,         but better or for worse that  destiny decides……..



A very very beautiful feel….elevates your mind, refreshes your senses, lets your heart do the thinking  &  gives the brain a little rest. The rationality of the brain goes for a toss and the heart takes the lead to do all the thinking  & the dreaming…….

The feeling in this feel is absolutely sensational, the anxiety level rises up every moment, you feel bouncy, thrilled, sparked and irrespective of  all the apprehensions…. you absolutely adore the whole process…



i love you…..















His eyes expressing the desire for life

& my heart beat, stopping for a while.


His moves reflecting his assurance about him

& my courage fails, I see nothing beyond him.


His words echoing his passion for his dreams

& my gestures, showing my weakness for him.


His charm making all the moments dazzling

&  in his river of love i am drowning.


His smile makes his presence more stunning

& my senses, about him they are dreaming.


His one glance towards me said it all

& silently in my heart, i knew this is what he wants.


Gently he touches  &  holds me close

& how i wish forever, this  romance goes.




29th July 2012



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 ” Its Raining Love…. “

” Its Raining LOVE….. “















Like the rain i have fallen for you

it wasn’t more beautiful until i walked with you
the chilly breeze brush through my soul
and the wet drops fall & touch me whole.


It seems the storm is yet to come
when our eyes will meet & we’ll be one
the trees are gleaming like never before
my temptation rises there’s more to come.


The heavy clouds in the dark blue sky
wait for the moment to end the plight
drenched in love with the touch of rain
a glimpse of you & my heart would delight.


The drops tease & whirl my mind
they tempt & toss my imagination wild
my heart pounds & fastens my breathe
its raining love as you hold me tight.


By Madhura

26th July 2012


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 Its..Your Day… ”


” Its YOUR DAY……live it ……”















Again a very beautiful creation by Shil……

Though Shil, is going to start his own blog page very soon, as he has promised me but i didnt had the patience to wait that long, so i am posting his lovely thoughts on my blog page. I am sure you will like it…


And here it goes….

” When the day is colourfully bright
and the yesterday’s rain are 
still hanging nostalgically on those shining leaves

Unknowingly the cool innocent breeze
have crossed uncharted territories
and the perched birds are rhyming to 
some mysterious melodies.

And when the mind is fresh without
the fear to fathom the deepest challenges
then believe me…ITS YOUR DAY “



By Shil


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A Little more…









I wake up at early dawn
I gaze at you beside me
The day will head well,
I know it will be.

Sunrays creep inside
Blossoming our room,
The morning freshness spreads 
As all the flowers bloom.

The beautiful day begins
With your shoulder to me,
The toughest seems easy
Like an alluring fantasy.

Delicate words you speak
Make me special more,
Divine touch of yours
Tease me as before.

Sensuous look you give
Ravishing my soul,
Elegant kiss has turned
Me to, crave for little more.


17th July 2012


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Shil is a friend of mine… very brilliant & bright person with loads of virtues & achievements. He very well knows about the how and why of the world around him. Fun to be with, highly active & his zest for life will completely astonish you..
He can be best described as person who is superly intelligent & humble too…

With an exceptional flair for writing, i am sharing one of his lovely poem on my blog page with all of you…..


Day at the beach with YOU !!!!


With You my life is a dream !!!!












” I have a dream to spend a day out with you
at some lonely beach……..

Showering sand on you & dusting them off……
Splashing water on you & wiping them off…..

Chasing you wild in those…..
Knee deep waters & see you fall…..

Holding your hands to watch…
the sun going down…

beneath my dream of day out with you…… ”

By Shil….


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But don’t you ever QUIT…….

Dont you QUIT…….











Don’t you look at the dust on your feet

your eyes are meant to see the sky

the path may make you trip & stumble

But remember its a slip not a FALL.


I know the day’s are not bright for you

and your heart is sinking in…..

but it doesn’t mean that darkness rules

just hold your spirits WITHIN.


The sight of shore.. though may be far

but don’t worry you will reach

if not soon in a shortest while

but with the longer route you WILL.


My words may just be words for you

but don’t you loose your wit

its a difficult time…this too shall pass

But don’t you ever QUIT.


By Madhura

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