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I wish the GODS come down….   ( I hope my poetry melts your heart !!!!


Sad is the air, when you see the misery around
a blind eye given to the hungry beside
you walk through the path & ignore the sight
when a homeless needs,a roof to reside.

A little girl runs and begs on the road
her sparkly eyes, desires for more
a doll she wants to embrace & hold
alas, her foot bare & rags are her clothes.

The weak walks, with fear in his mind
his head down and tears in his eyes
slashed & diced, is his dignity & pride
a rich has kicked & pushed him aside.

Injustice prevailed and has won the fight
laughs at the poor, with a slyish smile
the greedy and the mean, stare & frown
cruelty has put, humanity down.

I wish the Gods come down, in a quick
lay their eyes on the needy & the weak
touch the wounds of the grieved & feels
I wish the Gods walk across to them and heals.

By Madhu

Pic Courtesy : Pinterest


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 Smile !!!! 
Life Requires it ………









The world fathoms about love being the ultimate, purest & safest emotion gifted to mankind and as i started growing, my belief in this adage became more believable.
                          At times the belief in this notion was shaky but eventually it prevailed that Love outsmarts all sorts of enmities, cunningness & malices. Yes it does, & that’s the whole basis of mankind and humanity. Its the only source & hope for our survival.


Everything we do has a self interest, pleasing our heart to keep it happy. And we keep it happy when we have someone to share our happiness with us.
Its about choices in life, good, bad, worse. Life may not be fair with you most of the times but its absolutely worth it to live it to the fullest. Anything new enters our life only when we create space for it.


Polish & concise as ever… our mind craves to be loved, pampered & wanted.
To love someone is beautiful, to be loved back is amazing.


 ” And if you have good people in your life & you take care of them, You will have them forever “


29th June-2012

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My Thought for the day is “U”…… [dedicated to all the Bloggers….].

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Dark Days….

How would you feel if ” you were the reason for someone to cry every night “.

I hurt someone close the other day, yes i did it deliberately. It was my way to vent out my anger caused by that person.  But actually it was just not worth it.  I felt miserable when i went to bed and i could imagine the afflict & the anguish felt by the other person too.

I have also envisaged that how much ever i try to make up for my insensitive act later, it will not suffice, because the injured person does not want to be compensated but rather wants to be healed because he has been hurt.

The worse thing in life would be “you” being the reason for someone’s tears. If you cannot be a reason for someone’s delight at the least don’t be the reason for their grief.

If you wound someone, you not only give them hurt but you also give along some dark days ….like moments of pain & sadness..

People hurt you, they will… sometimes consciously sometimes by little ignorance, but it really does no good to give it back to them in any form. Specially if they are your closed ones then its like uprooting a tree & then trying to plant it up again.

Everyone is fighting their own battle. When you think you are struggling with your bitterness, ego & anger, always know, there are many people in the world who are striving to find little hopes & happiness in small things to maKe their life little more bearable. So let go the petty concerns even if it leads to big disappointments. You loose nothing by doing so.

By getting disappointed you loose nothing but by loosing people you loose everything.

Letting go your ego & anger is far much better than letting go the person. People, relations & love are very precious. If you are incapable of nurturing them you better be prepared to live alone in despair.
Hurt can be suffered alone but you need to SHARE happiness to feel it completely.


No matter how sharp a grievance or how deep YOUR hurt is,

But YOU should NEVER be a reason for someone’s  DARK DAYS….


By Madhura

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My Thought for the day is “U”……      [dedicated to all the Bloggers….]








This piece of writing is purely inspired by the writings of all the bloggers, whose writings have manifested & contributed so many wonderful thoughts,ideas,view points and basically a larger positive perspective towards life.

                               Different observations, different outlook, different logic’s, different introspections, different hopes…i mean  so many vivid speculations & analysis of so many situations experienced, written and shared with all of us.

Its like a chain reaction & highly addictive. I just keep on coming back to you for more. Everyday I keep on reading so many of your write-ups for more content and value addition to my knowledge & the way i lead my life. It definitely does help me a lot, to keep myself going collectively. The moment i am deviated from my core path, your writings subconsciously aspire me to stick on to my ethos.                      

The creativity inside all of you,adds colour to the lives of so many people.. Your writings just change the whole aspect of a perspective we hold about any specific thing or a person.

There’s a landscape change in the way we rationalise & judge things thereon. But i have acknowledged that personalities like you bring transformations in many a people & in many a things.

For you, your writings may be a source of sharing your thoughts & experiences, but you may not be aware, that by doing so you may have touched someone’s heart, someone’s soul & actually must have made a difference to someone’s life.

            Looking forward to read more of your compositions & thank you all.

Guys you are fantafabulous !!!!!!!!


By Madhura
26th April-2012

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The Judgement Day !!!!

The Judgement Day !!!!

We all behave our best and put forward our premium etiquettes while behaving with the outside world. While we behave, people gaze our character as character is the aggregate of features & traits that form the individual nature of a person.

More than how you behave, how you make the other person feel is more important. I have incurred quiet a loss in terms of people in my life by my unintentional rudeness and thoughtless behavior, it wasn’t purposely done, but still it happened.

I don’t have a count of how many individuals or souls i must have injured by my inconsiderate or rather unconcerned behavior though unintentionally. Many a times we all are just little egocentric and negligent about people we interact & connect every day leaving someone wounded by our communication. And even though we realise this, we don’t take a serious consistent effort to change this behavior pattern because we are fine tuned with it.

But we frequently forget that all this is going to come back to visit us in some form some day. Its like it gets carry forward first, then it gets multiplied in the universe, then search for the opportunity, and then re-visit us,it may take a shorter route or a longer one, but it surely doesn’t miss us

You and me know and believe ( not applicable to an atheist ) that of all of our thoughts & actions are watched by the almighty and a record is been maintained in his book of accounts. Each entry is made without fail and there is nil chance of forgery and manipulation in it. Our accounts get settled very acutely & rationally when our journey of life comes to an end. God is very excellent and flawless in managing the account books. He himself is the Comptroller Auditor General of his book of records . He ensures that he tallies the balance sheet at the end of our life term and the judgement is given accordingly. No body has an escape from this judgement and there can be no proxy for anyone.

Your character ,thoughts, actions, contribution, generosity, behavior, attitude shape you to be who you are, but beyond all, your every intention behind all the above attributes adds a weightage to your final decree. So lets wait till the last hearing from him and be as good and kind as he intends us to be.


A very beautiful lines i got from a source :


” No Matter How Good Your Intentions Are ?

The WORLD Judges Your Presentation.

No Matter How Good Your Presentation is ?

GOD Judges Your Intentions.


By Madhura

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With the 21st century creeping in our lives and demanding more of competition, everyday is like being in a battlefield. The intend is to win this battle and strive for the next one, but till when, no one of us can answer & that’s LIFE is all about today. The rat race starts from waking up on the alarm bell each morning till you hit your bed at night in antagonism with all the humans around for the daily survival, is indeed a heroic deed at the end of the day.

In this diverged search of victory in all aspects, it leaves us empty inside, and somewhere we consistently try to fill up this emptiness by trying to do something dutiful in standards with human morality.


Human Morality, a beautiful term in itself and rather a very highest valued subject to talk on. The invincible efficacy of this theme when applicable to human life turns a Sinner into a Sage. A lot of courage, dedication & perseverance is required to walk in parallel with theses moral ethics.

We always appreciate and consciously respect an individual with high moral values & discipline and relish stories of heroism, great love, dignity, courage of people rising above their permissible adequacy, taking life by the throat and not letting go until they succeed.
In a way, we relate ourselves to such events and people who triumph the incredible human spirits.

Humanity is never so beautiful when we forgive each other and maintain values of justice & compassion. The human race has evolved superiorly from other species because of the simple yet complex development & composition of the homo sapiens brain or rather the thinking ability. But this thinking ability & process has virtuous meaning when it is rationally & wisely thought and acted upon.










To cope up with the infinite challenges in our surroundings & to stick on to these ethos require our complete potential and consistent motivation to attain the moral honour. Like a warrior in the battlefield, to achieve this honour, requires a lot of regular practice, efforts, and this hardship is faced by exercising wisdom and virtues.
The key to the attainment of the standards set by the human race is immensely difficult but once imbibed in the soul takes a person to the highest morality accomplished, thus gaining victory above immorality.

A great applause to mankind for the persistent combat to practice HUMAN MORALITY.


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