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​​All i wish for you…..❤

#When U Love😘 someone..You wish all the good for them…Their happy face 😚 & their happy smile, fills your life with Contentment & Joy…And the thought, that they are Happy & Safe…brings Peace to your Heart & Life…

” If only you could see, inside my heart

for just a moment or two

you might be thrilled to know

by what i wish for 😘 you.
I wish the sun, shines on you

when the lights of your life go dim

may all the stars shimmer & blink

when your smile feels dull😒& wimp…
I wish your days, turn long & bright 

& all your dreams come true

joy & cheers😋 fill your day

and doubts & worries be few….
May all the love😘 inside of me

fill your life with bliss

all your pain & all your fears

may run far way and hiss….
I wish to pull you close to me

i wish to hold your hand

i wish to never let you go…

coz you are the best, i have ever had….”
Madhu ❤❤

Pic Courtesy : pinterest 


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# My Love ❤ story didn’t start on a very good note 😏..a long dislike first..then a small encounter…instant falling in Lovee 😍…then datingg 😘…engagement 💍 & then the D day !!! #

# Love stories 😘 are my favoured subject to talk on..i love reading them..hearing them from people and of course playing a cupid 💘 whenever possible…It brightens my mood & heart…#
# Romanceeee…😘is Beauty Personified in this dull # Lifeeeee….& Love storiessss are Rainbowsssss….they make a dim day Brightttt 🎉🎊…..#

” All love ❤ stories are beautiful..but mine is my Favourite 😊…”

” The sight of you
set anger in my heart
i wish i could torment you
and see you depart….

But oh i wish 
this could be true
the more i hated you
the more of you i liked 😊…

It seemed foolish
it seemed wrong
stupid & crazy
it felt totally odd.

My heart 💜pumped fast
my head spinned wild
is it love
or a trick of my mind…

You crossed me once
as we walked our path
our eyes met 😍
and so did our heart…

I gave away my heart
you gave away yours
our love story 😚 began 
a wonderful start….

The days pass by
the time flies high
every moment with you
is a wonderful 😚 delight “

Madhu ❤❤

Pic Courtesy : pinterest. 

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# We all Love that one person who makes our life Topsy Turvey..You float in the cloud & walk in a dream. But not everyone receives it back…This poem is for all of those, whos love at somepoint in life remained incomplete !!!!!! #

” But i will love you forever….”


Every day i see you as you walk across my path
the charm on your face and the dimple in your laugh
You dreamy eyes glow, as i look in it for a dream
the scent of your cologne..& here i stumble and fall.

I stare at you from a distance, as my heart flutters fast
will you ever notice me, or would i just fade away like a past
My growing love for you, cant wait to be for yours
look at me once and feel the fondness in my heart.

You walked into my life and i dont even know how
i will wait for you for ever.. but i want you right now
the letters i have written, love flowing like a stream
they lay on my table…maybe for ever like a dream.

Time passes by as my heart yearns with a wish
you march towards me and peck me with a kiss
I cannot distance myself from you, cant stay away far
i will love you forever and will never move apart.

By Madhu

Pic Courtesy: Google

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” Love..is a famously fickle creature… the more u chase, the more it slips..& at times Ur heart can lie too !!!!!

Pretty Little Liar…my heart….


A little Yes..a little No
my crazy heart, there it goes
in love with him, & there it shows
says love him now & love him more.

When he looks at me, i turn my eyes
i hide my feelings, behind my smile
my cheeks blush,like a cherry red
my crazy hormones, now go wild.

A little truth..a little lie
up in the cloud, my excitement flies
a thrill I feel, all this while
my mind says, it’s a lie.

Beware it says..it’s a trick
people in love, loose their sense in this
it’s a bubble..which blooms & splits
the more you chase, the more it slips.

I told my mind, that my heart is right
love always wins & never fights
my mind grinned & smiled at me
the Heart is a Liar, it said & winked.

By Madhu

Pic courtesy : Google.

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Come Along….and Unleash your dream….

come with me...to unleash ur dreamss...."





















Beautiful life…and all this while…
I wait for you….like the sun to rise….
moments pass….and so does time…
in my heart…i have made you mine….

I look for you….here & there….
and there i….see you come….
But do you feel the same for me….
with that thought… my heart goes numb….

Come along…with all of me….
if you wish…to redeem your life….
will fly with the wind…and flow with the tide….
& i assure you…an astonishing ride….

There will be lot of laughter….& lot of grin
and also lot of chuckle’s….
i will drive you through…all the madness…

just unlock…all the buckles…
A lot of passion….a lot of fun….
is with what…. i will fill your life….
you will float on joy…slide on beam….
and i will hold your hand…to unleash your dream….


By Madhura

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" i like the smell of rain..."






















The rain comes….and so does hope
the springy summer…here it goes
little rain drops tickle and tope
my mind refreshed…so is my soul.

Green grass…. sway back & forth
gloomy trees now revived & whole
the birds whistle.. & sing a song
they welcome the rains…with a delightful tone.

Drizzling drops…sparkle & cold
touch our body… then slip and roll
the monsoon comes…the monsoon goes
with our mind rejoiced…and enchanted soul.

and the rain comes…and the rain goes….

By Madhura

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If i could love you……

"I just wish to love you...."

“I just wish to love you….”






















I wish i could love u, the way the Sun loves the Moon
that it died every night to let the moon breathe…..

I wish i could love u.. the way the Sky loves the Land
though they haven’t embraced each other ever, their love is deep & strong…..

I wish i could love u…the way the Sea loves the Waves
how much ever the tide pushes the waves out at the shore, it still comes back into the sea…..

I wish i could love u…the way You keep loving Me more each day
unconditionally & innocently….. with your every breath….

I wish i could…..

By Madhura
13th Dec 2013

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