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# When two Lovers…are separated..there is a collision in the Sky…The Lovers yearn for those passionate momentssss..when they will meet again…deeply in to each others arms ….just as the Sky waits…to embrace the Earth at the Horizon……#


You & I will meet again…..

” You & I will meet again….
One day in a far off place
Where the Stars will shine….
The Moon will Light…
And the Wind will Laugh..
As the Sky will Smile …..

I will Recognise your face…
I will read your Mind…
I will Love your Heart…
Till the Sun will Rise….

I will hold your Tears….
I will press your Fears                                   
I will calm your mind
I will Ease your Pain
And You & I will Meet Again……..”


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# We all Love that one person who makes our life Topsy Turvey..You float in the cloud & walk in a dream. But not everyone receives it back…This poem is for all of those, whos love at somepoint in life remained incomplete !!!!!! #

” But i will love you forever….”


Every day i see you as you walk across my path
the charm on your face and the dimple in your laugh
You dreamy eyes glow, as i look in it for a dream
the scent of your cologne..& here i stumble and fall.

I stare at you from a distance, as my heart flutters fast
will you ever notice me, or would i just fade away like a past
My growing love for you, cant wait to be for yours
look at me once and feel the fondness in my heart.

You walked into my life and i dont even know how
i will wait for you for ever.. but i want you right now
the letters i have written, love flowing like a stream
they lay on my table…maybe for ever like a dream.

Time passes by as my heart yearns with a wish
you march towards me and peck me with a kiss
I cannot distance myself from you, cant stay away far
i will love you forever and will never move apart.

By Madhu

Pic Courtesy: Google

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